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Today I have an amazing article which will attract all beginners in the trading industry to get motivated by such a personality who went through hard times to reach the heights of trading. You guessed it right I am talking about Ghanshyam Yadav who was born in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh. Today Ghanshyam Tech Net Worth is a testimonial to the feats he has achieved in his career.

Ghanshyam’s memorable moment in his life which made his approach towards trading change came when he was left with little money after incurring huge losses and it became difficult for him to run the daily household expenses. This situation remains as fresh in his mind as it was then.

Through this article, I will take you on a journey where the milestones of Ghanshyam await to give you in-depth information. On our journey, we would know about Ghanshyam Tech Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Career and more.

Quick Wiki & Full Bio

Real nameGhanshyam Yadav
Net worth of Ghanshyam Tech in RupeesRs 120 crores ($ 14.44 million)
Age38 years
Date of Birth30 September 1986
Birth PlaceDeoria, Uttar Pradesh
Personal Information
HeightIn Centimeters –165 cm
In Feet and Inches – (5 feet 5 inches)
In Meters- 1.65 m
WeightIn KGS – 70 KG
In pounds- 143 pounds
Zodiac Sign
ProfessionTrader, Stock Market
SchoolLocal School, Kanpur
CollegeGraduate From Mumbai
Marital StatusMarried
Last UpdatedJune 2024

Ghanshyam Tech Net Worth

Who Is Ghanshyam Tech

Ghanshyam Yadav, widely recognized as Ghanshyam Tech, is a self-made financial virtuoso who rose from humble beginnings to become a preeminent trader and YouTube sensation in India with an inspiring journey marked by relentless perseverance.

What is Ghanshyam Tech Net Worth

Are you impressed by the skills of Ghanshyam Tech and want to know his impressive net worth which reflects his successes in the stock market?

Ghanshyam earned his name in the challenging and complex world of stocks with his hard work and learning from his failures. His every fall made him emerge stronger and more knowledgeable. Today he has the knowledge and skills in the stock market, making Ghanshyam Tech Net Worth reach soaring heights to Rs 120 crore equivalent to $14.44 million.

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What are Ghanshyam Tech Income Sources

I can feel the motivation that you have got by knowing the success of an ordinary man like Ghanshyam in challenging work like trading. But to your amazement, he has numerous other channels to earn his income. To unveil those sources I have gathered awesome information about them.

  • YouTube Channels: Ghanshyam has two YouTube channels Ghanshyam Tech” and “Art of Option Learning, where he guides numerous people about the stock market strategies which he has gained with his experience. He earns his income by running ads, Super Stickers and Super Chat. His average monthly income is 19.8 lakhs.
  • Stock Market Trading: Ghanshyam Yadav earns his primary income by investing in Nifty Bank and its segments. He trades in big amounts ranging between Rs 10-20 crores. He also earns by buying and selling stocks.
  • Venture Capital: Ghanshyam Yadav is the CEO of Ghanshyam Tech. He invests in startups and numerous company stakes providing him with good returns. The companies in his list include Google, Amazon and Microsoft.
  • Other Assets and Properties: Ghanshyam’s other stream which contributes to his income is the assets he possesses in the form of jewellery, real estate, vehicles etc. He earns by renting out the property or selling his other valuable assets.

What is Ghanshyam Tech Biography

Ready to delve into the information that contains all the amazing information about Ghanshyam Tech biography that will take you through everything from his education to his interest in becoming a trader.

Ghanshyam Yadav who is popularly known by the name Ghanshyam Tech was born in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh on 30 September 1986. His childhood was full of struggle. His father was the one who earned a living, but his salary wasn’t high enough to meet the household costs.

Junior Ghanshyam had no inkling of even the meaning of trading. He completed his schooling at a local school in Kanpur. His destiny awaited his arrival in Mumbai where he was about to be introduced to the world of trading. Ghanshyam travelled to Mumbai in 2006 to complete his graduation in B Tech.

But before he completed his graduation and ventured to gain knowledge about trading he had to do odd jobs to pay his college fees. In the four years, Ghanshyam had to go through tough times where he had to save money to pay his college fees. It was in 2010 when he earned his BTech degree.

It was through one of his college friends that he was introduced to the world of the stock market this is how his career started.

Biography / WikiDetails
Real NameGhanshyam Yadav
Current cityMumbai, India
Birth PlaceDeoria, Uttar Pradesh

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What is Ghanshyam Tech Career

Get ready to take a deep dive into the inspiring career of Ghanshyam Tech, where you will be taken through the amazing milestones that took him to the pinnacle of the challenging techniques behind trading. You will also learn how he learned from his failures, which prepared him to bring out his hidden potential.

How Ghanshyam Tech Entered Trading

Ghanshyam lived his life like an ordinary person before he ventured into the world of trading. He didn’t have any idea about the hidden potential in trading. But his thoughts towards trading were about to change after he went to one of his close friend’s house.

It was at his friend’s house that he discovered that his buddy’s father worked from home. With a sheer curiosity that couldn’t be kept hidden, he questioned his best friend “What is your father’s profession”. It was his friend’s answer that fascinated him as he told him that his father earns substantial money from trading.

After learning about trading Ghanshyam started to do deep research about it. After gaining substantial knowledge he made up his mind to make a career out of trading. But the way to success was not as easy as it seemed, he had to undergo a lot of struggles before he mastered the techniques behind it.

As he started his journey with trading he encountered numerous challenges, he earned less profit and had to face huge losses for a prolonged period, but his determination to become successful didn’t let him down instead motivated him to work harder and overcome his failures.

He overcame his mistakes and followed the right steps which helped him earn huge profits. Seeing the rewards of his hard work in the stock market he decided to leave his job and give full time to trading.

His decision to leave his job seemed to be incorrect as within a few years of his resignation he started incurring massive losses in trading. The situation was such that he couldn’t even meet his household expenses. Ghanshyam almost decided to give up trading.

It was the wonderful gesture of his wife who gave her jewellery to sell and asked Ghanshyam to trade with that money. Ghanshyam studied his approach carefully by understanding the market behaviour, trade setup and trading style. After evaluating all the mistakes he made, he started to trade carefully earning huge profits over the years of hard work.

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Ghanshyam Tech Height, Weight And Age

Ghanshyam Tech is a popular trader who has made his name popular with his unique trading style. Ghanshyam gives his health importance along with his work and keeps himself indulged in physical activities by working out as he has to sit continuously for his work.

Ghanshyam has an average figure, he maintains a weight of 70 kg which comes to 143 pounds and stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches which is equivalent to 165 cm. After years of hard work, Ghanshyam is now living a life of pride at the age of 38 and remains an inspiration for other people.

Physical AttributesDetails
Height5 feet and 5 inches (165 cm)
Weight70 KG (143 pounds)
Age38 years

Ghanshyam Tech Social Media

Fascinated to reap the information that Ghanshyam Tech shares on his social media? I have come up with amazing details about each of the social media where you would know when he started his journey, his initial posts and their engagements. Ghanshyam Tech has accounts on 3 social media platforms which are Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


Ghanshyam created his Instagram account in June 2015 which received the status of verification in August 2023. His 9 years journey has been great where he built a large follower base.

He uploaded his first post on June 14, 2015, in which he posted a photo of a child holding paper in his hands. The post has received 1359 likes and 117 comments.

He uploaded a reel of IPL Team RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) on May 23 2024 captioned “Janam Janam tak“. The post has attracted 4857 likes and 129 comments.


Ghanshyam joined Twitter in December 2022 and keeps sharing his knowledge about trading with his followers in the form of videos, photos and text messages. In 1.5 years he has posted a total of 190 posts on his account.

He tweeted first time on Dec 3, 2022, where he conveyed the message to his followers that he would share his updates on his Telegram channel. The post received 10 likes and 1 re-tweet.

His last activity was on 6 January 2023 where he shared a link to a YouTube video captioned “Magic of Hammer Pattern !! Bank Nifty Chart Ready For Next Move“. The post was gained was viewed by 1.4K viewers and received 7 likes, 2 re-tweets and 1 comment.


Ghanshyam runs his 2 official YouTube channels which are GhanshyamTech and ArtofOptionLearning. Both his channels are doing well and have a huge base of subscribers.

Ghanshyam Tech

His first channel Ghanshyam Tech was created on 17 Oct 2011. Since the date of its creation, it has been viewed by 9 crore YouTube viewers.

His first video was uploaded on 9 November 2016 captioned “kala dhan kab aayega“. The video has received 1.7K likes, 266 comments and 74K views.

His most popular was uploaded on 20 May 2017 captioned “HOW TO USE TRENDLINE in trading !! How to Draw Trend Line“. The videos received 574K views, 22K likes and 701 comments.

His latest video was uploaded on 25th May 2024 captioned “Nifty Weekly Chart Analysis“. This video has got 74K views, 8.7K likes and 514 comments.

Art of Option Learning

Ghanshyam’s second YouTube channel ArtofOptionLearning was created on 25 Mar 2018. Since the day it became active, it has been viewed by 10 crore viewers.

His initial video was uploaded on 6 October 2019 captioned “Join This Channel And Learn Technical Analysis Free“. His video has been viewed by 360K viewers with 17K likes and 1167 comments.

His most popular video was uploaded on 26 February 2023 captioned “Complete Candlestick Patterns Course Episode – 1“. This video was viewed by 1.8 Million people and received 144K likes and 22,252 comments.

His last video was uploaded on 16 September 2023 captioned “Fin Nifty Chart Behaviour Near Life High !! Rounding Pattern“. The video received 226K views along with 16K likes and 2480 comments.

Social MediaLinks
InstagramView Profile
TwitterView Profile
YouTube ChannelsView Channel
View Channel

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1. What does Ghanshyam Tech do?

Ans. Ghanshyam Tech is a trader with deep roots in trading. He has learned from his experiences of failures over the years making him a fine trader.

2. Who is Ghanshyam Yadav trader?

Ans. Ghanshyam Yadav trader has made his place prominent in the world of trading. With his years of knowledge, he has been advising numerous investors.

3. Where is Ghanshyam Tech office?

Ans. Ghanshyam Tech office address is Office No-608, Kamdhenu Commerz, Kharghar, Sector 14, Panvel, Maharashtra

4. Where does Ghanshyam Yadav live?

Ans. Ghanshyam Yadav popularly known as Ghanshyam Tech lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

5. How many YouTube channels does Ghanshyam Tech Have?

Ans. Ghanshyam Tech has 2 YouTube channels which are Ghanshyam Tech and Art of Option Learning where he shares his knowledge about trading.

Final Word of Ghanshyam Tech Net Worth

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