Gippy Grewal Net Worth July 2024: A Journey Across Continents

Are you a big fan of Punjabi films and often watch them with your friends and family members? Then you must have heard or even watched this popular Punjabi actor who has contributed to the entertainment industry in multiple ways. I am taking of Gippy Grewal who played numerous roles to entertain the audience as an actor, singer and film producer. Today Gippy Grewal Net Worth stands at an impressive figure of Rs 136, equivalent to $16.3 million.

Gippy Grewal’s memorable moment in his life was when his first music Chakkh Le, released in 2002, became very popular among the people. It brought a lot of praise to Gippy Grewal, he earned a lot of money through this song.

This post gives you a glimpse of the struggles and amazing achievements that Gippy Grewal has achieved in his career by playing a diverse role throughout his career as a singer, actor, film producer and director.

Quick Wiki and Full Bio

Name Information
Real nameRupinder Singh Grewal
Net Worth of Gippy GrewalRs 136 crore ($16.3 million)
Income SourceSinging, Acting, Business, Brand Endorsement, Social Media and Live Concerts
Age41 years
Year Of Birth1983
Birth PlaceKoom Kalan village near Ludhiana in Punjab, India
HeightIn Centimeters – 180 cm
In Feet and Inches – (5 feet 11 inches)
In Meters- 1.80 m
WeightIn KGS – 75 KG
In pounds- 165pounds
Zodiac SignCapricorn
ProfessionActor, Singer, Director, Producer
SchoolNankana Sahib Public School, Kot Gangu Rai
CollegeNorth India Institute of Hotel Management, Panchkula
MotherKulwant Kaur
FatherLate Santokh Singh
Other Information
Email[email protected]
Last UpdatedJuly 2024


Gippy Grewal Net Worth

Who is Gippy Grewal?

Why not start this article by knowing who is Gippy Grewal as most readers wouldn’t have heard of him before? So let me introduce him to you with the exciting piece of information waiting for you below.

Gippy Grewal Gippy Grewal is a well-known actor, musician and film director. He has a long list of songs that he has sung in his career, apart from this he has also done numerous films and directed them as well. I have covered these topics in detail in the upcoming sections.

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What is Gippy Grewal Net Worth?

Often I have seen Gippy Grewal fans searching for the immense wealth that he possesses. So keeping his fans curiosity in mind I devoted my precious time to researching his net worth. The result of the research came out positive which I mentioned in detail below.

Here is the result which I came up with after researching a lot which I am sure will impress you and his fans. Gippy Grewal has built an impressive wealth and in 2024 his wealth has reached $16.3 million which is Rs 136 crore in Indian Rupees. Also, I did additional research on his monthly and annual income, do you know what I came up with? Gippy earns more than Rs 40 lakh in a month and has an annual income of more than Rs 12 crore.

According to you, is this income of Gippy Grewal less? If you have additional suggestions, please share them with me in the comment section.

What are Gippy Grewal Income Sources

After getting the answer to this question about Gippy Grewal’s wealth, another question might be coming to your mind what are Gippy Grewal Income Sources that have taken his net worth to such heights? Rest assured, I will provide you with brief answers to your questions in a sequence.

  • Music: His main source of inspiration comes from singing Punjabi and Hindi songs. He has sung many superhit songs which have been liked not only in India but all over the world. He has many popular songs but the most popular among them are Angreji Beat” and “Patiala Peg. He earns a good amount through music.
  • Acting: Gippy Grewal is not only a great musician but also a brilliant actor and has acted in many films. He charges fees of more than Rs 5 crore per film.
  • Social Media: Being a popular personality, he has many followers on social media. He is also earning a good amount from his social media. He earns money from his social media through sponsors, ads, views and merchandise.
  • Brand Endorsement: Being a successful celebrity, the brand value of Gippy Grewal is quite high. He has endorsed many high-end brands and has helped in popularizing them among the general public. He charges a huge amount of Rs 40 lakh per campaign.
  • Business: Apart from being a successful actor, he is also a successful businessman and he owns two production houses namely Humble Motion Pictures and Big Daddy Films where he produces his films as well as his music albums.
  • Live Concert: Gippy Grewal wins everyone’s hearts with his wonderful songs on many big stages. A large crowd gathers to see him and listen to his vibrant songs. I Prateek concerts charge fees of more than ₹50000.

Gippy Grewal Rising Wealth Over 6 Years

Are you eager to find out about Gippy Grewal meticulous rise in wealth over the past 6 years? Then, your search ends here as I have come up with the answer after vigorous research and the good news is that his net worth has seen a tremendous increase in the past seven years. His net worth has grown by 172% since 2019. Have a detailed look at the table with complete data below.

YearNet Worth Growth
2024Rs 136 crore ($16.3 Million)
2023Rs 83 crore ($9.97 Million)
2022Rs 69 crore ($8.4 Million)
2021Rs 64 crore ($7.7 Million)
2020Rs 54 crore ($6.5 Million)
2019Rs 50 crore ($6.1 Million)

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Gippy Grewal Luxury Car Collection:

Can you fathom the magnificence of the Gippy Grewal car collection, boasting some of the world’s most luxurious brands? Brace yourself as we are about to unveil the extraordinary fleet nestled in his garage. Get ready for a ride through opulence that doesn’t just engage but inspires and motivates, showcasing the remarkable taste and achievements of Gippy Grewal!

His most luxurious and expensive car is Rolls-Royce Ghost for which he shelled out Rs 7.2 crores. Take a look at the table below which will drop your jaws after seeing Gippy high-end car collection.

Car NameWorth
Rolls-Royce GhostRs 7.2 Crore
Mercedes-Benz S-ClassRs 1.6 Crore
Toyota FortunerRs 45 Lakh
BMW 7 Series 730 LDRs 1.4 Crore
Audi Q7Rs 80 Lakh
Toyota Land Cruiser V8Rs 1.19 Crore
Mercedes-Benz C-ClassRs 51.72 Lakh

What is the Biography of Gippy Grewal?

Are you filled with excitement to learn about the wonderful biography of Gippy Grewal giving him the perfect ground to reach the heights he is standing at? This fantastic journey will take you through the important junctions covering Gippy’s academics, childhood and how he got inclined towards the world of glamour and fame.

Gippy Grewal was born on 2 January 1983 in Koom Kalan village, which is located near Ludhiana, Punjab. From a local school in his hometown, he completed his schooling.

After that, he completed his studies in Hotel Management at the North India Institute of Hotel Management and obtained a degree.

Since childhood, he was very fond of singing and often participated openly in competitions in his school and college, especially in song competitions.

He has also won many awards during his school and college days. He entered the music industry and made a debut in 2002.

Biography / WikiDetails
NameGippy Grewal
Current ResidenceCanada
Date of Birth2 January 1983
Birth PlaceKoom Kalan village, near Ludhiana, Punjab
Favourite ActorsAamir Khan
Favourite ActressMahi Gill

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Why didn’t Gippy Grewal continue his career in hotel management?

Now you must be thinking that Gippy Grewal had obtained a degree in Hotel Management, so why did he not make his career in it?

As we all know he was very fond of music since childhood, especially Punjabi songs. His passion for music led him to pursue an entertainment and music industry career.

He wanted more and more people to listen to his songs. His decision proved right; today we all know him as a great singer and actor. His first debut album was an instant hit among the audiences.

What Has Gippy Grewal Career Been Like?

Now all of you will be interested to know information related to Gippy Grewal’s career. I have been able to collect this information for you all after extensive research and I am going to share it with you all, after reading it you will be able to know how much good work he has done in his career due to which he is so popular today.

Music Career

Are you wondering which famous songs were sung by Gippy Grewal in the world of music? If you are one of his biggest fans and want to incorporate this information in yourself, then rest assured because to satisfy your curiosity I have done in-depth research from my side. Along with his music career, I have also come up with some of his famous songs, especially for you.

Gippy Grewal’s musical career started at a young age when he often used to sing at school functions. He continued his passion for music in college and turned it into a professional career after college.

His professional music career started in the year 2002 with his debut album Chakkh Lai. But his song Phulkari became very popular in the music industry as well as among music lovers due to which Gippy Grewal got fame and progress. Continuing this, he released many superhit albums in the future like Aaja Ve Mitraa, Mele Mitraan De and Phulkari 2. All these albums made Gippy a popular musician.

Film Career

Let’s further get some additional information on the areas in which Gippy Grewal took his career and achieved success. After his successful career in the music field, Gippy Grewal wanted something more challenging in his life and to reach a more widespread audience so he decided to take up acting as his second career along with singing.

He started his film career in the year 2010 with the film Mel Karade Rabba which was a hit among the audience.

The year 2011 was a great one for him. He shared the film Jihne Mera Dil Luteya with Diljit Dosanjh. This film became the most successful film in the Punjabi film industry. Since then he has worked in many Punjabi films and has earned a lot of fame. In today’s time, he has become a beloved personality in the Punjabi film industry and is loved by many.

After this, Gippy turned towards Bollywood and started his Bollywood career with the comedy film Dharam Sankat Mein. In the same year, he also appeared in his second film Second Hand Husband which was a romantic comedy.

After this, he got the opportunity to work in many films, which he accepted wholeheartedly. I am sharing with you some of his films in which he entertained the audience with his brilliant acting, some of them are Paani Ch Madhaani, Carry On Jatta 2, Manje Bistre 2, Lucknow Central etc.

Director Career

Now we all will see Gippy Grewal’s new side. Do you know Gippy Grewal didn’t stop at acting in the films? He further advanced by directing the films and becoming a film director. Here I will tell you about his directorial journey and which were his films that were directed under his guidance.

I have a question for his fans and I am sure you will find it quite easy to answer. In which year Gippy Grewal made his Director debut?

Gippy Grewal started his directorial career in the year 2016 in which he directed the film Ardaas. This film succeeded and emerged as a superhit film among the people. After that, he has directed many films. He has also directed many films in his two production houses.

His long and illustrious career tells in itself how popular he is. His fans are always curious about his new film and eagerly wait for when it will be released. Friends, please share your views with me in the comment section and tell me which film of Gippy Grewal you like the most.

Gippy Grewal Upcoming Movies

Are you among those fans of Gippy Grewal who like to keep themselves updated on the list of upcoming movies that Gippy is currently working on? Then hang on I have a good piece of information for you.

I have come up with a list of movies which Gippy Grewal is working hard on to surprise his fans with his unique roles. I am sure you would want to have a look at it in the table below. There is one more good news for his fans some of his movies are expected to be released next year.

He is working on multiple projects and we are sure all of them will be liked by his fans. Some of the upcoming films he is working on are:

Upcoming FilmsYear Of ReleaseRelease Date
Jatt Nuu Chudail Takri202415 March 2024
Warning 22024February 2, 2024
Sheran Di Kaum Panjabi2024April 12, 2024
Manje Bistre 3202426 Jul, 2024
Carry On Jatta 3202329 June 2023
Maujan Hi Maujan202320 October 2023
Widow Colony20213 June 2022

What Are Gippy Grewal Awards And Nominations?

With his marvellous work in the field of the entertainment industry, Gippy Grewal has earned numerous awards and has been selected for several nominations. So let’s find out the amazing list of What are Gippy Grewal Awards and Nominations that I have arranged in the table below.

Zee Cine Awards
2023Jug Jugg JeeyoBest Song of the YearNominee
PTC Punjabi Film Awards
2020Ardaas KaraanBest DirectorWon
2020Ardaas KaraanBest FilmWon
2020Chandigarh Amritsar ChandigarhBest ActorNominee
2019Carry On Jatta 2Best ActorWon
2015Jatt James BondBest ActorWon
Filmfare Awards Punjabi
2018Manje BistreBest ActorNominee

Who Are In Gippy Grewal Family?

Are you interested to know Who Are In Gippy Grewal Family? Then your search comes to an end as I have come up with the very details after researching thoroughly.

So before I dive into detail let me add this information to your treasure of knowledge that Gippy Grewal family consists of his mother, 3 sons and his wife. They all are leading a happy life.

What an amazing father Santokh Singh was! But it was unfortunate that Gippy lost him a year into his debut in 2003. But Gippy turned his father’s dream into reality by becoming a successful son and living a luxurious life as his father always wanted.

Gippy has a mother whose name is Kulwant Kaur who was born on January 1, 1970.

Gippy Grewal opened a new chapter of his life by getting married to Ravneet Kaur in the year 2001. Ravneet real name is Ravneet Kaur Sethi who was born on 24 December 1988. She is a popular Punjabi model and an actress who has appeared in numerous TV shows as well as in Bollywood movies like NH-8: Road to Nidhivan as a supporting actress.

Both are parents of 3 sons namely Ekomkar Grewal, Gurfateh Grewal (Shinda) and Gurbaaz Grewal.

Affairs / GirlfriendN/A
Wife’s NameRavneet Kaur
Father’s NameLate Santokh Singh
Mother’s NameKulwant Kaur
Son’s NameEkomkar Grewal, Gurfateh Grewal (Shinda) and Gurbaaz Grewal
Net worth of Gippy Grewal in Rupees 2024Rs 136 crore ($16.3 million)

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What Are Gippy Grewal Social Media Platforms

If you are a fan of Gippy Grewal then I am sure you must be eager to know more about Gippy Grewal social media account like when he joined, how many followers he currently has and how can you follow him. Arent these questions popping into your mind?

Come on! I am researching so much for you and you just have to share your valuable and motivating comments in the comment section. How many of you wanted to know about his social media?

Well here are the results that I reached with my research. As Gippy is counted on as the most popular celebrity it is natural to have a base of fans from the world over. Gippy has a widespread base of fans who follow his social accounts and loves to interact with him. Currently, he is active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. So let’s check out his social media details.


Gippy joined Instagram in May 2013 under the name gippygrewal. As he continued to post on his Instagram his followers count too grew and today it stands at a huge number of 5.3 Million.


This Punjabi actor created his Twitter account on July 2011 where he has today made a huge count of followers who tend to tweet on his new tweets. At present his Twitter account has 38.9K posts which are followed by his 2.3 Million followers.


Gippy created a Facebook page under the name Gippy Grewal on 26 September 2010 where he has been active for 13 years. This in turn has fetched him an enormous following count of 6.5 Million followers who eagerly wait for his new posts.


Gippy started his YouTube channel on 30 December 2012. Here he shares his most recent albums and many other interesting videos. On his YouTube channel, he has 761K subscribers. His channel has been viewed more than 19 crore times.

Social MediaLinksFollowers
InstagramView Profile5.3 Million
TwitterView Profile2.3 Million
FacebookView Profile6.5 Million
YouTubeView Channel761K
WikiView WikiN/A

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who is Gippy Grewal wife?

Ans. Gippy Grewal wife is Ravneet Kaur. Her real name is Ravneet Kaur Sethi. She is a popular Punjabi model and an actress who has appeared in numerous TV shows as well as in Bollywood movies like NH-8: Road to Nidhivan

2. What is Gippy Grewal wife age?

Ans. Gippy Grewal wife age 35 years which she’ll be completing in December 2023. She was born on 24 December 1988.

3. What is Gippy Grewal age?

Ans. Gippy Grewal age is 41 years which he completed on January 2nd 2024. He was born in Koom Kalan village, which is located near Ludhiana, Punjab.

4. What are Gippy Grewal movies 2023?

Ans. Gippy worked on multiple projects and they are to be released this year. Gippy Grewal movies 2023 are Sheran Di Kaum Panjabi, Warning 2, Maujan Hi Maujan, Carry On Jatta 3 and Jatt Nuu Chudail Takri.

5. Is Gippy Grewal a good actor?

Ans. Yes, indeed Gippy Grewal is a good actor who has numerous awards for his acting and singing talent. He won PIFAA Best Actor Award in the year 2012 along with his co-actor Diljit Dosanjh. The duo also won the PTC Best Actor Award in the year 2015 for the film Jatt James Bond.

6. When did Gippy Grewal joined Facebook?

Ans. Gippy created a Facebook page under the name Gippy Grewal on 26 September 2010. Here he has a fan following of 5.3 Million.

7. When was Gippy Grewal wife born?

Ans. Gippy Grewal wife Ravneet Kaur Sethi was born on 24 December 1988.

8. What is the profession of Gippy Grewal wife?

Ans. Gippy Grewal wife is a popular model and actress who has worked in films like NH 8 – Road To Nidhivan. She is also a producer and has produced several films like Dakuaan Da Munda 2, Ardaas Sarbat De Bhalle Di, Carry On Jatta 3, Daaka.

9. What is Gippy Grewal Height in feet?

Ans. Gippy Grewal Height in feet is 5 feet 11 inches.

10. How much Gippy Grewal weighs?

Ans. Gippy Grewal maintains himself in perfect shape. His weight in kilograms is 75 KG.

11. Which year Gippy Grewal started his acting career?

Ans. Gippy Grewal started his acting career in the year 2010.

12. Which was the first film that Gippy Grewal did?

Ans. The first film that Gippy Grewal did was Mel Karade Rabba which was liked by the general public.

13. Which year Gippy Grewal started his Directorial career?

Ans. It was in the year 2016 when Gippy Grewal went on to become a film director.

14. Which was Gippy Grewal first film as a director?

Ans. Gippy Grewal first film as a director was Ardaas which was released in March 2016.

15. What is Rupinder Singh Grewal Net Worth?

Ans. Rupinder Singh Grewal Net Worth as of 2024 is Rs 136 crore, which is equivalent to 16.3 million dollars.

16. What are some of the expensive cars owned by Gippy Grewal?

Ans. Some of the expensive cars owned by Gippy Grewal whose value is in crores are the Rolls-Royce Ghost (Rs 7.2 Crore), Mercedes-Benz S-Class(Rs 1.6 Crore), BMW 7 Series 730 LD (Rs 1.4 Crore) and Toyota Land Cruiser V8 (Rs 1.19 Crore).

17. How many production houses Gippy Grewal owns?

Ans. Gippy Grewal owns two production houses namely Humble Motion Pictures and Big Daddy Films where he produces his films as well as his music albums.

18. How many PTC Punjabi Film Awards Gippy Grewal Has won?

Ans. Gippy Grewal has been selected for the PTC Punjabi Film Awards five times out of which he has won a total of 4 PTC Punjabi Film Awards and one nomination.

Final Word of Gippy Grewal

Thanks for taking out your valuable time to read this post till the end.

I hope you have got a glimpse of the struggles and amazing achievements of Gippy Grewal in this post of mine, if you have not found any information here, then do tell us by commenting below. We will update this post soon with the latest information.

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