Amanda Cerny Net Worth July 2024: Model to Iconic Influencer

Amanda Cerny is a very big and famous American model who started modelling at the age of 15 and that too as a hobby. But this hobby later became the reason for her becoming most popular. Apart from being a modeller, she is also an actress who is very fond of luxury cars. Amanda Cerny net worth is currently $20.2 million which is equivalent to a huge figure of Rs 168 crore in Indian Rupees.

I am sharing with you some of Amanda Cerny’s special moments which hold a special place in her mind. The reason for Amanda’s popularity is to connect with the audience through her acting. Through her sketches, Amanda gained popularity on social media with millions of followers, due to which she became a social media influencer.

This article will take you on a journey where you will discover fascinating things about Amanda which led her to climb the formidable heights in her career as an actress, model and influencer.

Quick Wiki and Full Bio

Name Personal Information
Real nameAmanda Rachelle Cerny
Net Worth of Amanda Cerny in RupeesRs 168 Crore ($ 20.2 million)
Age32 years
Year of Birth1991
Birth PlacePennsylvania, America
HeightIn Centimeters –173 cm
In Feet and Inches – (5 feet 7 inches)
In Meters- 1.73 m
WeightIn KGS – 57 KG
In pounds- 125 pounds
Zodiac SignCancer
ProfessionAmerican Actress, Model and Social Media Influenzer
CollegeUniversity of Florida
Family and relationship
MotherAmy Reed
FatherRussell Allen
Last UpdatedJuly 2024

Amanda Cerny Net Worth

What is Amanda Cerny Net Worth?

If you are a high enthusiast who loves to keep yourself updated on the modelling world then I am sure you must be excited to know what the model’s net worth is at present. Seeing your positive attitude I am highly motivated to bring you this popular American model’s latest net worth as of 2024.

All her followers will have no bounds as after reading the answer they will be motivated to further delve deeper and deeper into the article. Amanda Cerny has a wealth of Rs 168 crores which is equal to $20.2 Million.

Hold on to your excitement as it will be overloaded when I unveil to you her monthly and yearly earnings. She has an impressive income of Rs 69 lakhs per month which is equal to 83000 dollars. There is more to add to Amanda’s yearly income is ever more impressive and she earns Rs 8 crores which is equal to $1 Million.

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What is Amanda Cerny income source?

You have only got half the answer to your first question because you did not know what are the sources of income behind her huge net worth. So to complete your incomplete answer, I have also researched this and for your happiness, let me tell you that I came to know that she has more than one source of income, which I am sharing with you in detail in this section.

  • Instagram: Because Amanda Cerny is a very famous personality, she also has many followers on her social media with the help of which she does many types of promotions on her social media and also earns money through them. She earns money through advertising and promoting brands on her Instagram. She earns $25,000 per sponsored ad.
  • YouTube: Do you know that she also has a YouTube channel and she does various types of ads, promotes brands and earns money through it?
  • Films: Cerny has done a lot of American films and she is famous among the citizens of America. She charges $1 Million per movie.
  • Events: Another source of her income is going into booked events for which she charges a fee of Rs 1 crore.
  • Brand Endorsement: Amanda keeps her net worth ticking by endorsing numerous brands for which she charges them a huge sum. Her recent brand which she is endorsing is “GUESS” which is an athleisure brand for sports. Her per endorsement fee is Rs 12 Lakhs or can even be greater.

Amanda Cerny Wealth Growth in the last 6 years

Now I will tell you about the increase in Amanda Cerny wealth in the last 6 years so that you will know to what extent she has taken her net worth through her work in the last 6 years. Her wealth in 2019 was $8 million which has increased to $20.2 million in 2024. If we look at it in percentages, the increase is 154.55%. This will give you an idea of how well she is doing and how her wealth is increasing every year.

YearNet Worth Growth
2024Rs 168 crore ($20.2 Million)
2023Rs 110 Crore ($13.3 Million)
2022Rs 91 Crore ($11 Million)
2021Rs 83 Crore ($10 Million)
2020Rs 75 Crore ($9 Million)
2019Rs 66 Crore ($8 Million)

What is Amanda Cerny biography?

Are you getting enthusiastic about learning wonderful details of Amanda Cerny’s Biography? I am here with the fantastic details where I am going to cover her childhood and education which will make you even more familiar with this wonderful actress and model. I am sure your ears popped up after hearing this and your mind is telling you to get the fantastic information as soon as possible so that you can visualize the scene of those days.

Amanda Cerny was born on 26 June 1991, in Pencil Vania. Her childhood was spent growing up with her siblings. Let me tell you another interesting thing related to her. She was very fond of visiting new places and at the age of 8, she had visited 10 countries.

Her schooling was completed at a local school, after which she completed her graduation from the University of Florida.

Amanda Cerny lives with her mother as her parents separated due to personal problems.

But all this didn’t let her passion come down and she went on to become a modeller and later an actress in the American film industry.

Biography / WikiDetails
NameAmanda Cerny
Current cityLos Angeles, California, USA
Date of Birth26 June 1991
Birth Place Pennsylvania, America
Debut FilmThe Bet

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What is Amanda Cerny Career

Isn’t your mind filled with excitement to know what Amanda Cerny career is that has established her as the famous model and actress she is today? It is time to unveil the wonderful information that took this actress to soaring heights in her career.

The exciting part started in Amanda’s teenage when at the age of 15 in the year 2006 Amanda Cerny started modelling as a hobby not thinking that this very hobby one day would make her popular.

Ever wondered when her hobby turned into a full-time profession? It was in 2011 when she decided to turn her hobby into a profession and she started to do wonders on stage with her vibrant looks leaving everyone stunned in the modelling industry. She did modelling for 5 years before entering the film industry.

And how could the film producer ignore such a model who can leave such an impact on the stage? It was time to bring that model to a large screen. Can you guess which was the first film which she did?

Her first film was The Bet which was released to the public in the year 2016. In this film, she played the role of Mrs. McDoogle.

After working in The Bet film she took on another project the same year and appeared in a short film named Internet Famous which is a comedy genre short film.

In the year 2018, she did a documentary film named The American Meme. This film received a 6.1 rating from the audience. She took on another film named 211 which was an action, drama and thriller alongside her co-stars Nicolas Cage, Sophie Skelton and Michael Rainey Jr.

By 2019, she had already gained enough exposure in the film industry and Amanda Cerny’s wealth had a solid base by working in different genres of films. Now she took a film which was based on science fiction named RIM OF THE WORLD. The film was produced with a budget of $19.0 million.

Did you have this valuable information in your treasure box of knowledge that Amanda is a great scriptwriter, producer and host? She has produced 3,000 comedic skits.

And not only this there is other information waiting for you that you must have a look at. She has starred in numerous TV shows as well some of them are Adam Devine’s House Party, WORKAHOLICS, HELLO LADIES, THE DELETED and DEAD HOUSE etc.

Have you ever heard that Amanda has been featured in video music albums? No then here are those albums which you should have a look at. DON’T WANNA KNOW which was released in 2016 and BOOM BOOM which was released in the upcoming year 2017 are the video music where she has appeared.

Do you know that apart from all these, she has been featured in press releases like KING BACH, FORBES’ AMANDA CERNY: NOT JUST ANOTHER PRETTY FACE, AMANDA CERNY, SUBSCRIPTION VOD SERVICE, DeSTORM POWER TEAM TO LAUNCH.

So what do have to say after gaining this information above? Did these factors lead Amanda Cerny’s wealth to soar to new heights?

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Who is Amanda Cerny Family

Get ready to learn about the special people in Amanda’s life as we are about to explore amazing information about Amanda Cerny’s family members, the room where all the sweet information about her family waits. Your knowledge about this model would not be complete without knowing her amazing family.

Amanda comes from a family background upper-middle-class family. Amanda’s father Russel Allen separated from her mother Amy Reed due to some personal reasons which I tried to find out but didn’t come to any outcome.

However I got some information about their occupation, Amanda’s father is a businessman while her mother is an entrepreneur and runs an academy of martial arts. She is a dog lover and posts numerous photos on her Instagram. Her Instagram has 23.1K followers.

Amanda has a sister Samantha Cerny who too is an actress and a model. She was inspired by Amanda’s success and decided to follow in her footsteps. She has 453K followers on her Instagram.

Nick Bateman is the brother of Amanda Cerny who is also an actor. He was born on November 18, 1986. He is a professional model as well as an actor and music producer. He has a huge fan following of 6 Million on his Instagram.

Father’s NameRussell Allen
Mother’s NameAmy Reed
Brother’s NameNick Bateman
Sister’s NameSamantha Cerny
Net Worth Of Amanda Cerny in Indian rupeesRs 168 Crore ($ 20.2 million)

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What Are Amanda Cerny Social Media

If you follow Amanda Cerny closely, then you must know about her social media so that you can keep yourself updated about what new she is doing. If you also wish to follow him, then I have provided the links to all her social media in the table below, through which you can follow her by visiting her social media account. So let us know about her social media in detail one by one below.


This model and actress joined Instagram in September 2011. In her 12 years of active account, she has gained many followers and today the number stands at 22.7 million, they all enjoy seeing his 2641 posts and always eagerly wait for his new posts.


Amanda opened her account on Twitter in January 2010. His account is a verified account which has 1.3 million followers. Till now she has shared 3811 posts on her 13-year-old account. She is also following 8897 people from her account. If you also want to enjoy her many exciting posts, then click on the link given below to enjoy her entertaining posts.


This actress’ Facebook journey started in the year of 2011. Since then she has garnered the support of 8.7 million fans who return to watch her entertainment posts again and again.

She uploaded her first post at 24 in 2011 on which she received only two likes.

But as her popularity increased, her posts also became popular. Let me tell you that her latest post was uploaded on 24 October 2023. So far this post has received 6.2K likes along with 162 comments and 77 shares.


Amanda Cerny has not one but two YouTube channels, whose complete details I will provide you with. So first let us know about her first YouTube channel which is named after her initials. She has 2.66 million subscribers on this channel. She created this channel on October 10, 2011, which has received more than 23 crore views so far.

Her other YouTube channel is AmandaCernyVlogs on which she has 1.12 million subscribers. She created it on August 31, 2016, and this channel has received more than 6 crore views so far.


This actress is also very active on Snapchat and keeps bringing new entertainment videos for her followers. She has 4.23 million followers on her Snapchat.


Amanda also keeps uploading videos on TikTok from time to time. She has many fans here too. I can’t tell you her exact estimate because TikTok is banned in India but I can give you an idea that like their other social media, here too she will have millions of followers.

Social MediaLinksFollowers
InstagramView Profile22.7 Million
TwitterView Profile1.3 Million
FacebookView Profile8.5 Million
YouTubeView Channel2.66 Million
YouTubeView Channel1.12 Million
SnapChatView Profile4.23 Million
TikTokView ProfileN/A
WikiView Amanda Cerny WikiN/A
Official WebsiteView WebsiteN/A


1. What is Amanda Cerny known for?

Ans. Amanda Cerny is known for her brilliant comic skits and for establishing connections with the audience.

2. How much does Amanda Cerny make on Instagram?

Ans. Amanda Cerny makes around 15000 dollars per post through sponsor ads and merchandising brands.

3. Who is the mother of Amanda Cerny?

Ans. Amy Reed is the mother of Amanda Cerny who is a fitness-conscious and an entrepreneur.

4. What is Amanda Cerny Age?

Ans. Amanda Cerny’s age as of 2023 is 32 years. She was born on 26 June 1991.

5. What is the Instagram of Amanda Cerny?

Ans. Amanda Cerny’s Instagram account is 12 years old and she has a massive fan following. Here you can check out her account: View Profile

6. What is the weight of Amanda Cerny?

Ans. As a modeller and a public figure, Amanda needs to keep her weight in control. Amanda Cerny weight is 57 Kg (125 pounds).

7. Who is Nick Bateman?

Ans. Nick Bateman is the brother of Amanda Cerny. He is an actor, model and music producer who was born on November 18, 1986. He is very popular and has a huge fan following on his Instagram whose count goes to 6 Million.

8. How did Amanda start modelling?

Ans. Amanda started modelling as a hobby not having a bit of idea that this hobby would one day turn her into a supermodel.

9. Which was the first film Amanda acted in?

Ans. Amanda’s first film in which she acted was The Bet which was released to the public in the year 2016.

10. What is the net worth of Amanda Cerny in Indian Currency?

Ans. The net worth of Amanda Cerny in currency is Rs 168 crores as of 2024 which is equal to $20.2 Million.

11. What are Amanda Cerny income sources?

Ans. Amanda Cerny earns money in various ways some of which are Brand Endorsement, Instagram, YouTube, Films and events.

12. What is the profession of Amanda Cerny Mother?

Ans. Her mother Amy Reed is an entrepreneur and runs an academy of martial arts.

13. Who is Amanda Cerny Sister?

Ans. Amanda has a sister Samantha Cerny who was inspired by Amanda and decided to be an actress and a model.

14. Where is Amanda Cerny residing currently?

Ans. Amanda Cerny currently resides in Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

15. How many official social media accounts does Amanda Cerny have?

Ans. Amanda Cerny has a total of 6 official social accounts which include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, 2 YouTube channels, Snapchat and TikTok.

16. Who is Amanda Cerny Father?

Ans. Russel Allen is Amanda Cerny’s father who is a businessman by profession.

Final Word of Amanda Cerny

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