Gulshan Grover Net Worth July 2024: Villainy to Victory

Whether you are a fan of Gulshan Grover or a film freak, you must be wanting to update yourself with the latest information. So in today’s article, I will tell you some of the amazing facts about Gulshan Grover which you haven’t heard before. Gulshan Grover also Known as the BADMAN of Bollywood, is extremely popular for his villain roles which he has been doing for 25 years. He was born on 21 September 1955 in Delhi, India. Today through his acting Gulshan Grover Net Worth is touching 4.5 million dollars which is equal to Rs 37 crores.

Do you know any memorable moments of Gulshan Grover? I have come up with some of his major notable moments that have a special place in his mind. His most memorable moment was when he got a breakthrough in Hollywood with the movie The Second Jungle Book in 1997. The movie was rated 4.5 and was a success.

In this article, everyone including his fans can learn about his latest doings. After reading this article you will learn about Gulshan Grover Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Career, Family, Height, Weight and More.

Quick Wiki & Full Bio

Real nameGulshan Grover
Net worth of Gulshan Grover in RupeesRs 37 crores ($ 4.5 million)
Age68 years
Date of Birth21 September 1955
Birth PlaceDelhi
Personal Information
HeightIn Centimeters –170 cm
In Feet and Inches – (5 feet 7 inches)
In Meters- 1.75 m
WeightIn KGS – 69 KG
In pounds- 152 pounds
Zodiac SignVirgo
ProfessionActor, Film Producer, Teacher and Entrepreneur
SchoolGovernment School, Delhi
CollegeShri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi
Family and relationship 
Father’s NameBishambar Nath Grover
Mother’s NameRamrakhi Grover
Marital StatusDivorced
Last UpdatedMay 2024

Gulshan Grover Net Worth


Gulshan Grover Net Worth (BADMAN)

I know that Gulshan Grover’s fans will be eager to know how much he is earning in the current year. So your search ends here because especially keeping your curiosity in mind, I did a deep research on BADMAN Net Worth and found out that Gulshan Grover net worth in 2024 is Rs 37 crore which is 4.5 million in dollars. He didn’t build this net worth overnight but it took his complete dedication and focus towards his acting of over four decades. And to add additional knowledge I would like to tell you that he earns a huge sum of Rs 27 lakhs each month.

Wait, where are you going? There is still more that I need to tell you. Are you not interested in knowing about the source behind his net worth, the complete details of which have been presented especially for you in detail in the upcoming section, which has helped take his net worth to new heights? Has played a big role.

Gulshan Grover (BADMAN) Income Source

As I promised you in the previous section, I will provide you with complete information about Gulshan Grover (BADMAN) Income Source and how he earns from these sources. So there you have it, according to my time put into researching, BADMAN is continuously increasing his net worth from various sources given below.

  • Movies: Gulshan is a well-established actor in the film industry. He has left a mark in the film industry with his unique acting skills. He has also done various Hollywood movies.

  • Teacher: This Bollywood villain learned acting from Little Theatre Group and performed various stage shows. He began formal acting training in Mumbai at Actor’s Studio where he became Anil Kapoor’s batch mate. He became a teacher at the same institute and taught the art of acting to many stars whom we watch acting today.

  • BADMAN Brand: BADMAN is not a name it’s a brand in itself which Gulshan earned with his passion for acting. He is one of the most demanded celebrities. Today by his name perfumes are being made and sold on major e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart.

  • Brand Endorsement: Because Gulshan Grover is one of the most well-known Bollywood villains, his brand value is also very high. He promotes many brands for which he charges Rs 30 lakh.

  • Events & Shows: Gulshan Grover has done stage shows with many popular celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Sridevi, Mahima Choudhary etc. on international levels where there was a gathering in lakhs.

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Gulshan Grover (BADMAN) Life Story

Are you filled with admiration to know about Gulshan Grover (BADMAN) Life Story? You are bound to love the richness of the information as you enter into its depths. So get ready because we are preparing to dive into the depths to find amazing information where you can add a treasure trove of knowledge.

I am happy to share the results of what I found during my research with all his fans and the general public. Then you must give your time in reading this valuable piece of information which I am sure you would love to add to your knowledge box.

It was that day in September 1955 when a legend was born on the 21st Day of that month in the Grover family whom we all know today as Gulshan Grover.

No one knew that in the future, this child was going to leave his deep mark on the film world by becoming a legendary villain. Today we can see that it was his talent and hard work and love towards his work that he has reached such a feat in his life.

But, to reach where he is today he did all the ordinary things like us like going to school, college etc.

He completed his schooling at the Government School New Delhi. After that, he joined Shri Ram College of Commerce and completed his higher education. He completed his post-graduation in commerce from the same college.

To give meaning to his acting passion, he did many stage performances in the Little Theater Group from where he started taking acting seriously. After spending several years there, he shifted to Mumbai. He began his formal acting training at Actor Studio where his classmates were the legendary Mazhar Khan, Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt.

Later, he started working as a teacher in the Actor’s Studio and shared his experience with the new generation as well as make them aware of new things. Today’s big stars were once his students.

He entered the film industry in 1980, details of which are given in depth in his career section.

Biography / WikiDetails
Real NameGulshan Grover
Current cityAndheri West, Mumbai
Date of Birth21 September 1955
Birth PlaceDelhi
Favourite FilmMughal-E-Azam

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In What Way Does Gulshan’s Role in The Films Affect His Family?

Have you ever thought about what effect Gulshan Grover’s villain role has on his family? I am sure most of you would not know the answer to this and most of the answer would be that what is new in, this is a daily job for many actors. But no, you are seeing it from the wrong point of view. You will now ask how. For this, I have answered in the below paragraph. After getting the answer I am sure your thinking towards the villain roles will change forever.

Playing the role of a villain is very challenging. This not only ends here it leaves a negative impact on their families as well.

The women who attended his parties had the same image of Badman they had seen in the movies. They were all intimidated by his villainous character and used to take their close friends along with them.

Her mother used to visit the gurdwara frequently. Like always she visited Gurudwara and on that day the elderly ladies gathered around her and enquired what happened to your boy? He was such a well-mannered child who used to respect the elderly, but he has forgotten everything after going after becoming an actor. Her mother tried to explain the situation that Gulshan is the same in real life and it is his character in the films that they all are seeing.

Whenever any member of Gulshan’s family used to visit cinemas to watch movies they were taken out of the theatre with some excuse so that they didn’t see the scenes and feel bad that Gulshan Grover was being beaten up by the hero of the film.

Their children were teased by saying that their father was a villain, and sometimes there would be an argument about this, which would have a deep impact on their minds and feelings.

But it is said that with time everyone’s point of view changes, so that’s exactly what happened, After the electronic media came everyone understood that Gulshan Grover is a villain only in the film and not in real life and after that, everything went fine.

Gulshan Grover (BADMAN) Career Details

Excited to unravel the secrets behind Gulshan Grover’s success? No doubt, I can feel your anticipation! So I’ve dedicated my time to delving into the depths of Gulshan Grover (BADMAN) Career Details, uncovering his exclusive and unheard-of information. 

I am sure in the end undoubtedly your perspective on this legendary actor will change whom we all admire. Get ready as we go on a journey which has many secrets as we go deeper and deeper and learn how he overcame all the hurdles on his way to becoming the most demanding villain in the entertainment industry.

BADMAN as he is known popularly in the film industry started his career in 1980 with the film Hum Paanch. In his 43-year career, he has given some of the most extravaganza roles that shook the audience as if he is present and going to do what he is saying. With his unique voice and style of implementing the dialogue, he became the best and most demanding villain.

Here I want to inform you all about an interesting fact related to his career. You all must remember the movie Sadma which came in 1983, but do you know that there is an interesting story behind this movie as well?

Gulshan Grover’s colleague Anil Kapoor, who was with him in the acting studio, calls him and says he has a job in a Malayalam film for you. Gulshan Grover reaches to meet him.

Anil convinced the director of that film so much that the person who was playing the role of a villain in that film was replaced by Gulshan Grover. Gulshan Grover did not give any audition for this film.

After this his acting talent was noticed and he got to play lead villain roles in numerous other famous movies like Ram Lakhan, Saudagar, Yes Boss, Lajja and Vijaypath.

In the year 2011, he was seen playing the role of Bhati in the movie I Am Kalam which made him a nominee for the National Award for the Best Supporting actor category.

He has appeared on special occasions in music videos of singers like Yo Yo Honey Singh and Sajjid Khan.

His Hollywood journey is also interesting and he was the first Bollywood actor to act in the Hollywood movie The Second Jungle Book in 1997. He has left an impression in the international film industry as well by successfully playing versatile roles in numerous films like Prisoners Of The Sun, Blind Ambition, Desperate Endeavours and Beepers.

He also worked with the Canadian, Iranian and Malaysian film industries. His talent was recognised on the international stage when he was awarded Best Actor International at events like Houston and the New York Film Festival for his characterization of Indian Hollyman who took the Indian film industry to the international stage and opened new opportunities for his co-Bollywood stars.

Apart from the above awards Gulshan Grover has won many prestigious awards namely the BBC Award and Star Dust Best Actor Award.

Today we can see many Indian stars in Hollywood movies and this is the result of Gulshan Grover’s hard work who convinced the directors that Indians too can act in their movies.

How Gulshan Grover Became BADMAN?

Has this thing ever struck you How Gulshan Grover Became BADMAN of Bollywood? And why he chose the villain role over the hero. All answers related to this query in this section which I came up with after doing a thorough research for you are mentioned below which will calm down your curious mind.

Gulshan Grover is fondly known as Badman in the film industry whose villainous characters are so strong that the audience is forced to think that no one can stand in front of him and are eager to see what is going to happen next.

It’s not that Gulshan Grover didn’t get the role of the hero, he was offered several offers but he rejected them all because he had a unique voice and personality that fit perfectly in the role of a villain which is very difficult to play.

He did all this by taking inspiration from the former folk famous villains, who continued to play characters even after reaching age whereas a hero’s career is limited and ends after a certain age. Badman saw his golden and bright opportunity in this.

His acting prowess earned him the role of the main villain in several big films, due to which his villainous character became more famous and he got bigger projects one after the other. Due to this his brand BADMAN also went on growing.

A book has also been written on him Bad Man: A Autobiography of Gulshan Grover♥ which can be bought on e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

So what are your thoughts after getting the answer on How Gulshan Grover Became BADMAN? Do you think he did right in choosing the villain role over the hero? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Gulshan Grover (BADMAN) Family Details

Are you thinking that you have learned everything about Gulshan Grover, then wait a moment because you have not yet got the details of his amazing family who have shown their love, sacrifice, and dedication. Even though they remained away from the limelight their invaluable contribution can’t go unnoticed. Today, it is the result of their love that Gulshan Grover is a well-known actor whose reach is not limited only to Bollywood but he is also very popular in international cinema for his works.

Gulshan Grover’s family had to go through a lot of hardships after the partition of India and had to relocate from Rawalpindi to Delhi leaving everything behind that they owned after independence.

Gulshan Grover Father

Gulshan Grover Father Bishambar Nath Grover was born in 1920 in Amritsar, India. He ran a business of textiles in Trinagar. In 1980 he passed away at the age of 60 and is still remembered for his humbleness and kindness. He loved his family a lot.

Gulshan Grover Mother

His mother Ramrakhi Grover was a homemaker who was born in Amritsar in 1930. She was a strong and self-reliant woman who brought up 3 children alone after her husband passed away.

Gulshan Grover lost her mother in 2013 whose age was 83 years. She is remembered for the love and care she gave to her children.

Gulshan Grover Sister

Gulshan Grover has a younger sister Rita Grover who was born in Amritsar, Punjab, India in 1959. She is a graduate who completed her graduation from the National School of Drama, Delhi. She is unmarried. She is close to the actor and was seen attending many of his functions.

Gulshan Grover Brother

  • Ramesh Grover: Ramesh Grover is the eldest brother of BADMAN. He is a businessman by profession and works at BSquare Technologies. He is a happy married man and father of two children.

  • Sonu Grover: Gulshan’s youngest brother Sonu Grover is also a businessman and is carrying forward the legacy that his father left behind as a textile business. He too is married and is a father of two kids.

Both brothers are very supportive of Gulshan Grover’s career and attend his functions, events and premieres often. They also give him their support and advice in times of need.

Gulshan Grover Son

Are you interested in finding out some of the amazing facts about Gulshan Grover Son Sanjay Grover? He is said to have an image that portrays him as he was born in Bollywood and raised in Hollywood.

Sanjay has a rich experience in Hollywood, well thanks to his father who fought the battle proving that Indian actors too can perform on foreign soil. Today everyone is walking on the path created by Gulshan Grover including his son Sanjay who has spent 15 years in Hollywood which gave him insights into both industries.

He did his post-graduation in Business and Marketing from Troy, Alabama after which he shifted to Los Angeles to pursue his post-graduation in Business of Hollywood and Business of Entertainment at UCLA, University of Southern California.

While he was still studying he got an opportunity to work with a premier studio in Hollywood MGM (Metro Goldwyn Mayer) where he started as a director.

He has worked on big projects in Hollywood movies like James Bond, Hot Tub Time Machine, The Zookeeper, Fame David Fincher’s Creed and The Hobbit.

Father’s NameBishambar Nath Grover
Mother’s NameRamrakhi Grover
Wife’s NameFilomina Grover (Divorced 1998- 2001)
Kashish Grover (Divorced 2001-2002)
Brother’s NameRamesh And Sonu Grover
Sister’s NameRita Grover
SonSanjay Grover
Net worth of Gulshan Grover in RupeesRs 37 crores ($ 4.5 million)

Gulshan Grover Height, Weight & Age

Gulshan Grover, a truly iconic personality, has captivated the hearts of many with his incredible talent and charisma. For the devoted fans eagerly seeking insights into the physical attributes of this legendary figure, I took it upon myself to delve deep into the details of Gulshan Grover height, weight, and age.

After dedicated research, I am thrilled to share this valuable information, a testament to the unwavering curiosity and admiration of his fans. Let this knowledge further enhance the connection between Gulshan Grover and his ardent followers, who continue to be enchanted by his remarkable presence.

Gulshan Grover, a true icon, maintains a balanced physique with a weight of 69 kg (154 pounds) and a height of 5 feet 7 inches (175 cm or 1.75m). At 68 years old, he continues to grace the screen with his enduring talent. Isn’t it incredible how he defies age while staying actively involved in his craft? Share your thoughts below!

Physical AttributesDetails
Height5 feet and 7 inches (170 cm)
Weight69 KG (152 pounds)
Age68 years

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Gulshan Grover (BADMAN) Social Media Platforms

Do you all also want to follow Gulshan Grover (BADMAN) Social Media Platforms or want to get information related to his social media, then a gift is waiting for you below in which I have put all the information which as a fan you should know.

In this gift, you will get information about the social media accounts of Gulshan Grover and for your convenience, I have also provided the links to all his social media in the form of a table below so that you do not need to go anywhere else and you can directly go to his social media.


BADMAN created a Facebook page under the name Gulshan Grover on 1 September 2015. Here he has a following of 169K. He uploaded his first post on 4th September 2015 which has gained 491 likes, 68 comments and 16 shares.


He joined Instagram in September 2015 which got the status of verified account in October 2015. Since his joining date, he has built a solid base of 1.4 Million followers following him closely.

He uploaded his first post where he could be seen interviewed by BBC in London. The post has till now received 385 likes and 7 comments.

His most recent post is a reel which was uploaded on 17th July 2023 where he could be seen arriving at Ahemadabad airport to give awards to Medium Small and Micro enterprises at QualityMarkAwards2023.


Gulshan made his account on Blue Bird Twitter in October 2015. Here he has 93K followers who are closely watching all his tweets and liking, retweeting them again. He has 6109 tweets on his Twitter account. He shares posts in the form of videos and photos.

Social MediaLinksFollowers
FacebookView Profile169K
InstagramView Profile1.4 Million
TwitterView Profile93K
WikiView Gulshan Grover WikiN/A


1. What is Gulshan Grover age?

Ans. Gulshan Grover age as of 2023 is 68 years. He was born in the National capital of India New Delhi.

2. Who is Gulshan Grover’s son?

Ans. Gulshan Grover’s son is Sanjay Grover who holds 2 post-graduation degrees. He completed his first post-graduation in Business and Marketing at Troy, Alabama. Then he proceeded to do another post-graduation in Hollywood and Business of Entertainment at UCLA, University of Southern California.

3. Who is Gulshan Grover in Hindi movie?

Ans. In the Hindi movies, Gulshan Grover is popularly known by the name BADMAN which he has built over his 43-year-long career. He started acting in 1980 by debuting in the movie Hum Paanch and since then has played the best villain roles.

4. Who is Badman of Bollywood?

Ans. Badman of Bollywood is Gulshan Grover who has played some of the most villainous roles that made people on the sets too get scared.

5. What is Gulshan Grover net worth?

Ans. Gulshan Grover net worth is Rs 37 crores ($ 4.5 million) which he has accumulated over the years with his acting talent. He also earns from various other sources that add up to his worth.

6. What is Gulshan Grover car collection?

Ans. Gulshan car collection includes high-end cars like the Hyundai Creta, Mercedes Benz C Class, Toyota Innova and Audi Q3. He loves to add new and luxury cars that launch in the market.

7. What are the properties owned by Gulshan Grover?

Ans. Gulshan Grover, a true example of dedication and success, has transformed his hard-earned money into a dream house in the upscale neighbourhood of Versova, Mumbai. His journey from humble beginnings to living a life of luxury superstar.

8. What is the height of Gulshan Grover?

Ans. Many fans are curious to know about the physical attributes of Gulshan Grover like his height. Gulshan Grover Height is 5 feet 7 inches, which is equivalent to 170 cm in centimetres.

9. How many siblings does Gulshan Grover have?

Ans. Gulshan Grover has two brothers one elder and one younger. The elder brother’s name is Ramesh Grover and the younger one is Sonu Grover. Both are businessmen by profession.

10. For how many years Gulshan Grover is active on Facebook?

Ans. Gulshan Grover joined Facebook on 1 September 2015. He has been active on Facebook for 8 years where he has a widespread follower base.

11. What is Gushan Grover Father’s name?

Ans. Gushan Grover Father’s name is Bishambar Nath Grover. He passed away in 1980.

12. Which is the debut film of Gulshan Grover?

Ans. Gulshan Grover’s debut film was Sadma which was released in 1983.

13. How was Gulshan Grover chosen for the Sadma film?

Ans. Anil Kapoor, his college colleague in the acting studio recommended the film director to take in Gulshan Grover as the villain in the Sadma film.

14. Which was Gulshan Grover first Hollywood film?

Ans. Gulshan Grover’s first Hollywood film was The Jungle Book second which was released in 1997.

15. What is Gulshan Grover monthly income?

Ans. Gulshan Grover monthly income is more than Rs 27 Lakhs which he earns from numerous channels.

16. What is BADMAN Net Worth in 2024?

Ans. In 2024, BADMAN Net Worth is estimated to be around Rs 37 crores ($ 4.5 million), which he has accumulated over four decades of acting talent.

17. What are the projects that Gulshan Grover son has worked on in Hollywood?

Ans. Gulshan Grover son has worked on big projects in Hollywood movies like James Bond, Hot Tub Time Machine, The Zookeeper, Fame David Fincher’s Creed and The Hobbit.

18. Which is the current city where Gulshan Grover resides?

Ans. The current city where Gulshan Grover resides is Andheri West, Mumbai located in the state of Maharashtra.

19. What is Gulshan Grover Instagram?

Ans. Gulshan Grover created his Instagram 9 years back in September 2015. His account is a verified account with a huge follower base. View Profile

Final Word of Gulshan Grover Net Worth (BADMAN)

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