Anand Kumar Net Worth June 2024: India’s Math Icon

Have you ever wondered who is the most famous mathematician in India at present and why has he become so popular? If you have come to this article looking for answers to all these questions, then I will satisfy your curiosity-filled mind with my detailed answer. India’s most famous mathematician is none other than Anand Kumar who was born in India’s most backward state Patna, Bihar. Today Anand Kumar net worth reflects his dedication towards his work.

Anand Kumar’s golden moment came when he, with his knowledge of mathematics, started a Super 30 program and paved the way for those students who came from backward classes and were not financially eligible for coaching for institutes like IIT and JEE. His Super 30 program was very popular among the children of those poor people and for his contribution, he got a place in the list of top 20 teachers of the world in a UK magazine.

I know that just by this small introduction of him you must be getting excited to get complete information about him. So, through this medium, we get to know Anand Kumar net worth, Wiki, bio, height, weight, age, family, career and more exciting information related to him.

Quick Wiki and Full Bio

Name Personal Information
Real nameAnand Kumar
Net Worth of Anand Kumar in RupeesRs 49 crores ($ 5.9 million)
Age50 years
Year of Birth1973
Birth PlacePatna, Bihar
HeightIn Centimeters –167.64 cm
In Feet and Inches – (5 feet 6 inches)
In Meters- 1.68 m
WeightIn KGS – 60 KG
In pounds- 132.277 pounds
Zodiac SignCapricorn
ProfessionIndian Mathematician, Columnist
SchoolPatna High School Patna, Bihar
CollegeBihar National College, Patna, Bihar
Patna Science College
Family and relationship 
WifeRitu Rashmi
Other Information
Email[email protected]
Last UpdatedMay 2024

Anand Kumar Net Worth

Who Is Anand Kumar?

Is your curious mind yearning to get an introduction to who Anand Kumar is? Then allow me to introduce you to this rewound Mathematician of India.

Yes, you heard it right Anand Kumar is a popular Mathematician cum professor and counsellor who is popular for his Super 30 program that allowed the children of backward classes to dream of sitting in the examination of the institutes like IIT and JEE. He is also a founder of the Ramanujan School of Mathematics.

What is Anand Kumar net worth?

After getting the introduction of who is Anand Kumar, now a question might be arising in your mind what is the net worth of Anand Kumar? I am delighted to answer your question that at present the net worth of Anand Kumar is Rs 49 crores which is equal to 5.9 million dollars. He has achieved this net worth after years of hard struggle.

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What is Anand Kumar Income Source?

Keeping you on the edge of excitement and admiration, I am now going to reveal to you the income source of Anand Kumar, are you ready? His income source has not only brought his net worth to the top but also turned his beautiful dream of living the life in comfort that he had dreamed of.

  • Ramanujan School of Mathematics: Anand Kumar is a founder of Ramanujan School of Mathematics (RIM) and earns his primary source of income by offering various courses to its students including free courses for underprivileged children and paid courses for IIT aspirants.

  • Speaking Engagements and Public Appearances: Anand Kumar has done numerous speaking at prestigious institutes like the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, different IITs, the University of British Columbia, Tokyo University and Stanford University where he spoke about his experiences.

  • Books and Films: There is a book on the Super 30 program which Anand Kumar started and it is available on e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart. Anand earns his income through the sales of each copy.

What is Anand Kumar Biography?

Are you enthusiastic to know the amazing biography of Anand Kumar? I will recreate for you through my own words the difficult times when he was growing up in a lower-class family. But, no one would have ever dreamt that a boy from a lower class would one day become a sensation and make India proud on the International stage.

Anand was born into a lower-class family on 1 January 1973 where his family had to go through hardships of financial problems. His family couldn’t afford to send him to private school, but Anand’s aspiration towards study was wonderful and he was admitted to government school in Patna.

Do you know it was within these walls of a government school future a famous mathematician was being moulded into a perfect form? Yes, it was at government school that Anand’s deep love towards mathematics was developed.

His love and deep dedication motivated him to write notes on number theories which were published in national publications like The Mathematical Gazette and Mathematical Spectrum.

The math master Anand was able to crack through the world’s renowned Cambridge University, but his financial condition and his father’s demise held him back.

Even the toughest conditions bent down in front of his dedication and high spirits. He did his graduation in Mathematics from Bihar National College, Patna University.

His quest for knowledge was such that he didn’t mind travelling by train to Varanasi for 6 hours to gain the knowledge which he got through by reading foreign journals.

He felt the vibe that the knowledge which he has in him should be shared. Thus, he started taking private maths tuition at a coaching class thus beginning the the journey of Anand’s Career.

Biography / WikiDetails
NameAnand Kumar
Current cityPatna, Bihar, India.
Date of Birth1 January 1973
Birth Place Patna, Bihar, India.

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What is Anand Kumar Career?

To keep your level of enthusiasm high I have another piece of information that will attract your attention as it has the knowledge where you will find out about what is Anand Kumar career which will add more glitters to your treasure trove of knowledge.

Let your excitement loose and absorb yourself in the depths of India’s mathematician.

Anand started his career by taking tuition in a private coaching institute. He rented a room and started his institute in the year 1992 where he shared his knowledge with students. His institute which started with a small batch of 2 students grew to 500 students.

Then came a twist in his career where he made up his mind to expand his knowledge to the backward-class people’s children.

In 2002 he laid the foundation of a popular program Super 30 which we will learn in-depth how it came into existence in the coming section.

Are you aware of this marvellous piece of information that Anand’s work in the field of Mathematics has been praised by popular channels like Discovery which reserved a slot of one hour showcasing his achievements?

His work earned him a place in the international print media like The New York Times where his accomplishments were talked about across a half page.

Even Norika Fujiwara who is a former Miss Japan and an actress couldn’t keep herself away from this great Indian mathematician and was attracted towards the work he did in the field of mathematics. She wanted to create a documentary bringing his work to the front of the world and for that, she visited his house in Patna.

In the year 2017, he participated in the reality show hosted by Amitabh Bachchan Kaun Banega Crorepati where he was selected and won Rs 25 Lakhs.

His work caught the attention of Bollywood producers and in 2018 there was a film made about him named Super 30 in which the lead actor was Hirtik Roshan who played the role of Anand Kumar and Mrunal Thakur played the role of Anand’s wife. The film was a hit among the people.

Do you know Anand Kumar comes into the list of the popular mathematicians of 20th century India?

What Led Anand To Lay The Foundation Of The Super 30 program

Wondering what led Anand to lay the foundation of the Super 30 program. I have an extremely interesting and motivating story waiting for you to answer this question.

Anand Institute was now popular for its coaching and had made a place in every student over the years. But in 2000, when a student from a backward section approached him aspiring to be a candidate for IIT-JEE, but couldn’t afford the fees for preparation. This motivated Anand to start the Super 30 program where his institute holds exams and selects 30 best students to prepare them for IIT-JEE.

What are Anand Kumar Awards and Nominations

Has this renowned Indian mathematician’s work fascinated you? Are you recharged with high levels of energy to know the mesmerising list of awards Anand has won? Anand Kumar Awards and Nominations list is worth seeing.

Do you have any idea of what are Anand Kumar Awards and Nominations for the work he has done towards the education sector?

Anand has received numerous prestigious awards in his career by being given a place among the world’s 20 best teachers in UK Magazine.

He was also honoured with the Rashtriya Bal Kalyan Award by the former president of India Ram Nath Kovind.

His work has not only been recognized in India but has been praised Internationally. He was honoured by the German government through The Ministry of Saxony.

His institution has been rated by Newsweek as the most innovative institute in the world.

In the year 2009, his Super 30 institute was placed in the Limca Book of World Records for his contribution to the support society.

In the year 2010, he was awarded with S Ramanujan award for his research in the area of social science.

In 2018, he was honoured with the Global Education Award by Malabar Gold & Diamonds in Dubai. The same year Anand earned the Mahaveer Award in Chennai.

Even the US has complimented Anand with the Education Excellence Award in the year 2019 through the Foundation For Excellence in Education at San Jose.

His work in the field of Mathematics earned him the Bharat Ganit Ratna Award in the year 2022- a special award handed over by the National Chairman of DASA India

Seeing his contribution the government of India honoured him with India’s fourth highest civilian award Padma Shri in the year 2023.

2023Padma Shri
2022Bharat Ganit Ratna Award
2019Education Excellence Award- USA
2018Global Education Award by Malabar Gold & Diamonds in Dubai
2018Mahaveer Award
2010S Ramanujan award
2009Limca Book of World Records
Most innovative institute in the world- Newsweek

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Who are Anand Kumar family

Anand Kumar rose to great heights and prosperity with his extraordinary mathematical prowess, and I am taking you on a journey where I’ll introduce you to his family members who gave him the foundation that gave him the perfect strength to take the big leap to turn his dreams into reality.

Anand Kumar’s family consists of his mother, brother, wife and son who live in Patna, Bihar.

Anand’s mother Jayanti Devi is a loving mother who raised two children despite the challenging situations that came her way. She used to sell papad along with Anand to support her family’s financial conditions. During Anand Super 30 program she used to prepare food for the students wholeheartedly.

Anand has a younger brother Pranav Kumar. Pranav handled the responsibility of looking after the management of Super 30 programs where he used to hand over necessary study material to the students.

Anand dated a girl named Ritu Rashmi an IIT graduate from Varanasi who was employed as a software engineer. The love story between the two was tested as the barriers of castes and community came in their way. But in the end, their true love won and the couple tied the knot to each other in 2008.

Rahmi left her full-fledged job to support her husband in the Super 30 program. Anand appreciates Rashmi’s sacrifice to help him in his Super 30 program.

Anand’s father worked as a clerk in the postal department of India. He didn’t have much salary to afford the studies of his children. His death in 1994 shook the whole family as the only person who was earning in the family was no more.

Family InformationDetails
Father’s NameN/A
Mother’s NameJayanti Devi
Brother’s NamePranav Kumar
Wife’s NameRitu Rashmi
Children’s NameJagat Kumar
Anand Kumar net worth in Indian rupeesRs 49 crores ($ 5.9 million)

What is Anand Kumar Height, Age and Weight?

Are you interested to know the physical attributes of this Indian mathematician? Be ready as we unveil Anand Kumar Height, Age and Weight which are the highly searched attributes on the web these days. These three attributes define the look and physique of any famous person.

Anand Kumar has an average height of 5 feet 6 inches which in metrics comes to 167.64 pounds. Anand has a healthy weight of 60 Kg which if converted into pounds comes to 132.277. Anand has turned 50 and continues to leave his impact on society through his work.

Physical AttributesDetails
Height167.64 cm (5 feet 6 inches)
Weight60KGS (132.277 pounds)
Age50 Years

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What is Anand Kumar social media?

Do you want to connect to Anand Kumar? There is a way you can do so by following him on his social media platforms. I am going to share all the details of What is Anand Kumar social media after reading it you will get a piece of valuable information like when he created his account, what were his initial posts etc.


Anand joined Instagram in September 2019 and during these years he has added many followers on his Instagram account. He regularly keeps posting and sharing his work with his followers.

You must be thinking about what kind of post-Anand used to publish in his initial days. Then here are the complete details which will answer your exciting question.

Anand uploaded his first post on October 21, 2019, which was of a session at Amity University, Jaipur where he was invited to speak. His first post attracted likes from 234 people with one comment.

His most recent post was uploaded on September 7, 2023, of a show named The Anand Kumar Show which was hosted on NDTV India news channel. This post received 392 likes and 10 comments.


Kumar joined Blue Bird Twitter on January 2016 another mega social platform where millions of topics are available to debate. In his 8-year active account, he has made 165.9K followers who eagerly watch all his posts. On his Twitter account, he has 1566 total posts.


This Indian Mathematician joined Facebook on 18 September 2013. On his Facebook journey in the last 11 years, he has made 798K followers. On his Facebook, you can see numerous posts of his work and his photos with prominent figures of the world.

His first post was uploaded on 19 September 2013 where he shared a link to an interview with Times of India where he stated that teachers day is just been reduced to mere rituals.

His latest post is of a biography book written on him and being handed over by a Korean counterpart. The Korean students liked the book written by him. This post has received 23K likes along with 1K comments and 273 shares.

Social MediaLinks
InstagramVisit Profile
TwitterView Profile
FacebookVisit Profile
WikipediaView the Wiki Of Anand Kumar
WebsiteVisit Website


1. What is the qualification of Anand Kumar?

Ans. Anand did his graduation in Mathematics from Bihar National College, Patna University facing all the challenges.

2. Is Super 30 for IIT?

Ans. Anand started the Super 30 program which gave underprivileged and backward-class family children the required knowledge to qualify IIT-JEE exams.

3. Is Super 30 coaching free?

Ans. As per Anand Kumar Super 30 coaching is free of cost where he conducts examinations and selects the best 30 students.

4. What is Anand Kumar net worth?

Ans. Anand Kumar Net Worth in 2024 is 49 crores which is equivalent to $5.9 Million.

5. In which institute did Anand Kumar teach?

Ans. Anand Kumar taught in the Ramanujan Institute Of Mathematics of which he was the founder.

6. Which year Anand Kumar got Padma Shri?

Ans. Anand Kumar was awarded Padma Shri by the honourable president of India Shri Droupadi Murmu in the year 2023.

7. Who awarded the Bharat Ganit Ratna Award to Anand Kumar?

Ans. The Bharat Ganit Ratna Award was awarded to Anand Kumar by the National Chairman of DASA India in 2022.

8. Who is Anand Kumar wife?

Ans. Anand dated a girl named Ritu Rashmi an IIT graduate from Varanasi who was employed as a software engineer.

9. Which college did Anand Kumar do his graduation?

Ans. Anand Kumar completed his graduation in Mathematics from Bihar National College, Patna University.

10. Who is Anand Kumar Brother?

Ans. Pranav Kumar is the younger brother of this renowned Indian Mathematician who looked after the administration of the Super 30 program that was executed by Anand Kumar.

11. Who is Anand Kumar Father?

Ans. Anand’s father was employed as a clerk in the postal department of India. He didn’t have much salary to afford the studies of his children. He passed away in 1994.

12. When did Anand Kumar Marry?

Ans. Anand Kumar married Ritu Rashmi in 2008 having undergone a lot of tests of caste and community.

13. What is Anand Kumar’s Instagram?

Ans. Anand created an Instagram account in September 2019 and during these years he has added many followers on his Instagram account. Visit Profile

14. How many social media accounts Anand Kumar is active on?

Ans. Anand Kumar is officially active on 3 social media accounts which are Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

15. Which year did Anand Kumar win the S Ramanujan award?

Ans. Anand Kumar won the S Ramanujan Award in the year 2010 for his research in the field of social science.

16. Which year did Anand Kumar participate in Kaun Banega Crorepati?

Ans. Anand Kumar participated in Kaun Banega Crorepati hosted by Amitabh Bachchan in the year 2017.

Final Word of Anand Kumar Net Worth

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