Cbum Net Worth June 2024: A Glimpse into the Life of a Olympia Champion

Are you looking to get started in bodybuilding and are you looking for someone who has achieved success in this field? Be sure that today through this article I am going to introduce you to Chris Boomstead, who is also known as Cbum and is popular globally. Due to his successful bodybuilding career, Cbum net worth has reached Rs 93 crore today which is equal to $11.2 million.

Chris has many moments in his life to share with us, but I am sharing the most sorted occasion which gave him a lot of respect and fame from his fans, citizens as well as other bodybuilders worldwide. Chris’s most memorable moment was when he won the Olympia Classic Physique continuously for 4 years i.e. 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Through this article, we will gain an understanding of Cbum Net Worth, wiki, bio, age, height, weight, family career and more such related facts. So keep your curiosity alive till the end of the article.

Quick Wiki and Full Bio

Real name:Christopher Adam Bumstead
Net worth of Cbum In Indian RupeesRs 93 crore ($11.2 million)
Source of IncomeBodybuilding, YouTube, Clothing Line, Supplement Company and Sponsorship
Monthly Income                   Rs 45 Lakh +
Age28 years
Date of Birth2 February 1995
Birth PlaceOttawa, Ontario, Canada
HeightIn Feet: 6 feet 1 inches
In Centimeters: 185 cm
In Meters: 1.85 m
WeightIn Kilograms: 104Kg
In Pounds: 230lbs
Zodiac SignAries
ProfessionProfessional Bodybuilder, YouTuber, Motivational Speaker, Fitness Influencer and Entrepreneur
Family and relationship 
MotherMary Bumstead
SisterMelissa Valliere
Marital StatusEngaged
Other Information
Email[email protected]
Last UpdatedMay 2024

Cbum Net Worth

Who Is Cbum?

Are you hearing Cbum name for the first time? Then rest assured as I am going to give you a brief introduction to him. He is a professional bodybuilder, YouTuber, motivational speaker, fitness influencer and entrepreneur.

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What is Cbum Net Worth?

Are you getting excited to learn about Cbum Net Worth and also want to know how much he makes in a month and a year? Then you must have a look at my answer that I have created for all those curious people including his fans.

His net worth as of 2024 is $ 11.2 million which comes to rupees 93 crores. His monthly earning is around $55000 which comes to rupees 45 lakhs in Indian currency and his annual income is around $1.2 million.

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What is Cbum income source?

Are you enthusiastic to know those wonderful sources which join the stream giving a boost to the flow of income into Cbum’s account? I am here with those sources which are taking Cbum’s wealth to new heights as he continues to be the favourite bodybuilder of many.

  • Bodybuilding: This Canadian sportsman earns by participating in events of bodybuilding held across the world. He earns through these events by collecting the prize money. In the past 4 years, he has made much money through these events. I am giving you a small example that will give you an idea of how much he must be earning. In the Olympia Classic Physique tournament alone he has earned $176000.
  • Youtube: Chris is a YouTuber as well and earns a lot of money through his fitness and motivational videos. Apart from this, he earns through various sponsors, ads and merchandise on his channel. He has a widespread base of followers following his channel. From his channel, he makes a good average income of $32 thousand a month.
  • Clothing Line: Cbum runs a clothing showroom which sells athletic apparel like hoodies, jackets, shirts, joggers and trunks. He promotes his brand via his social account i.e. on Instagram and YouTube which has massive followers.
  • Supplement Company: Cbum runs his own Supplement company which deals in sells pre-workout, test boosters, intra-workout, protein, creatine, essential amino acids, fat burners and protein bars.
  • Sponsorship: Chris has received numerous sponsors over the years that have helped his net worth grow where it is today. He collaborated with companies like Jacked Factory and Trifecta Nutrition before venturing to start his own Supplement company.

Cbum Biography

Want to know the amazing biography of Mr Olympia from where he got a cherished stage from where he rose and climbed up the ladder of success to earn the title of Mr Olympia? During this journey, you will get to know about Chris Bumstead’s education from his writing skills to some of the golden moments of his childhood and along with this, you will also get to know about his amazing story of becoming a bodybuilder.

Cbum was born on 2 February 1995 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He completed his school education at his birthplace.

He was very active in sports during his school days and actively participated in sports like basketball, football, baseball and hockey. His dream of becoming a bodybuilder started right from his school days when he was only 14 years old.

By the time he reached his 12th standard, his weight had reached 102 kg, which he thought was good for bodybuilding. Meanwhile, he met a professional bodybuilder named Iain Valliere, who was dating his sister at that time.

Lain saw a hidden talent in Cris that needed to be brought out. Lain started training Cris to become a professional bodybuilder.

Even today, he is busy with his workout and continuously working on his body muscles making them stronger than before.

Biography / WikiDetails
Current cityOttawa, Ontario
Date of Birth2 February, 1995
Birth PlaceOttawa, Ontario

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Cbum Career

In this section, we will learn about Cbum career in detail. After reading this section you will know how he achieved so much popularity.

This great bodybuilder’s journey in bodybuilding started long ago in his childhood when he was 14 years old and always wanted to build muscles. But he took the sport of bodybuilding professionally after meeting Iain Valliere who taught him the principles of this sport. Following Iain’s principles, Cbum started preparing for his first professional competition which was held on a small stage.

But after this competition everything changed and he looked at this sport with an altogether different vision. He became very fond of this game and dedicated himself to it. Cbum started his professional bodybuilding career in the year 2014 at the age of 19. By the time he reached that age, he had also obtained his Pro Card from the International Federation of Bodybuilders(IFBB).

Cbum’s first professional competition took place in 2016, organized by the International Federation of Bodybuilders in which he participated and also won it.

He achieved the best position in many competitions held in 2017 such as IFBB Toronto Pro, Classic Physique and IFBB Pittsburgh Pro and came first in all. The year 2017 was very good for him and he came second in the Mr Olympia Classic Physique competition. All these made him a star and gave a boost to Cbum Net worth.

Even in the year 2018, he achieved second place and that too was no match for anyone. But this time his health was bad and he had to struggle with problems like water retention due to which he had to spend four weeks in the ICU of the hospital.

But all this did not let his passion for bodybuilding diminish and he was able to earn first place in the Mr Olympia competition to be held in 2019. After this, he also won the Mr. Olympia competition held in 2020, 2021 and 2022 consecutively.

Chris’s unwavering dedication and relentless effort have truly borne fruit with a spectacular triumph at the Mr. Olympia Classic Physique 2023, marking his fifth consecutive victory in this prestigious competition!

Wondering what Mr Olymia is up to now? The answer is pretty simple Chris’s passion for winning his next title, has propelled him into an early and enthusiastic preparation for the next challenge – the Mr. Olympia 2024. With his incredible track record, there’s an electrifying anticipation that he is poised to clinch his sixth title, further solidifying his legacy and inspiring us all with his unparalleled commitment to excellence!

What inspired Cbum to become a bodybuilder?

Have you ever found yourself immersed in the thoughts of What inspired Cbum to become a bodybuilder? This question ignited a spark within me to find the answer to this admiring question which I am delighted to share with you all.

Cbum was a lean child and always wanted to build muscles. This inspired him to enter bodybuilding at an early age.

Although Cbum had a passion for becoming a bodybuilder since childhood, that passion transformed into a career when he met with a professional bodybuilder who gave direction to his dreams.

Meet Iain Valliere who advised Cbum to become a better bodybuilder and he also followed his advice.

But he fell in love with this game when he won his first competition which was organized on the local stage, after that he never looked back and kept practising continuously and improving himself.

Cbum Family

Are you enthusiastic to meet the lovely family of this world’s renowned bodybuilder? Your levels of enthusiasm have answered my question that you want to know about the Cbum Family members who are behind the success in the form of unwavering support, guidance and love.

This Canadian bodybuilder comes from a middle-class family. His family is small but very loving which includes his parents and sister.

His father Jeff is an entrepreneur. While his mother Mary Bumstead is a housewife.

His sister Melissa Valliere was born on 6 December 1990. She is also a professional bodybuilder. When Chris was participating in his first competition, his sister was also participating in it.

Who Is Cbum Girlfriend?

Cbum also has a girlfriend named Courtney King who is herself a bodybuilder and a fitness freak. She has many fans on her Instagram channel. If you visit her channel, you can see many pictures shared by her, most of which are great pictures of her workouts and holidays taken with Cbum. Both of them recently got engaged in 2022.

Father’s NameJeff
Mother’s NameMary Bumstead
Girlfriend’s NameCourtney King
Sister’s NameMelissa Valliere
Net worth of Cbum 2024 in RupeesRs 93 crores ($11.2 million)

What is the Cbum Diet?

Because bodybuilding is a very intense and energy-demanding sport, Cbum takes his diet seriously. They have to follow a high carbohydrate and protein-rich diet to provide their body with everything necessary for bodybuilding.

He eats six meals a day daily, including meals containing various proteins. His diet includes egg whites, whole eggs, oats, white fish, sweet potato, chicken, jasmine rice, mixed vegetables, broccoli and asparagus.

What is Cbum Height, Weight And Age

In this section, we will tell you What is Cbum Height, Weight And Age. As a bodybuilder Height and weight plays a crucial role in many important events. So Cbum needs to keep himself fit as he has many competitors. Cbum Height is 6 feet 1 inch which in centimeters comes to a figure of 185 cm.

Cbum Weight is 104 Kg which in pounds is 230lbs. Well, all that weight is of the huge muscles that he has. Cbum age is only 28 years seeing his performance over the years we are sure he has many milestones to achieve.

Physical AttributesDetails
Height185 cm (6 feet 1 inches)
Weight104 KG (230lbs)
Age28 years

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What are Cbum Social Media?

Cbum is a well-known personality and there are Indians all over the world who want to follow his social media account, so for all of them, after rigorous research on Cbum social media in detail, I have come up with a dedicated section in which you will be able to get answers to all the questions related to their social media.


Cbum joined Instagram in June 2012. On his Instagram, he shows his Instagram followers a glimpse of his gym workouts as well as his competitions. Apart from this, he also shares photos of his holidays. Ever since he joined Instagram, the number of his followers has increased significantly and today his followers are 19.4 million.

Talking about his first post, he uploaded it on December 26, 2012, which received 8406 likes and 1107 comments. In this post, he is 17 years old.

He recently uploaded a post on October 22, 2023, in which he is seen standing in a pose after working out in the gym. His post has so far received 1.6 million likes and 12.4K comments.


Christopher Adam Bumstead created his YouTube channel on March 5, 2011. On his YouTube channel, he shares fitness-related videos and also shares his workout videos with his YouTube subscribers. He also makes many motivational videos which are based on fitness. Ever since he started his YouTube channel, 3.45 million subscribers have been added to his channel.

Talking about his oldest video, he uploaded it 11 years ago which is titled Skydive video. This video has also received 58000 views, 1700 likes and 134 comments.

Talking about his most popular video, he uploaded it 2 years ago titled FULL DAY OF EATING TO GET SHREDDED FOR THE OLYMPIA. This video has been viewed by 7.8 million people so far, apart from this this video has received 201K likes and 3439 comments.

Now let us move towards his latest video which he uploaded on his channel on October 21, 2023, titled BRUTAL BACK WORKOUT. OLYMPIA PREP EDITION. This video has received 399K views, 132K likes and 5042 comments so far.


Chris also has millions of subscribers on TikTok who like to watch his videos. He also shares his fitness-related videos on his TikTok channel. The number of followers on his TikTok is 33 million.


Cbum joined Blue Bird Twitter in May 2021. On his Twitter account, he mostly shares posts of his workouts and you can also see pictures of the tournaments he has participated in. He has 403K followers on his Twitter account who closely follow his every activity and wait with great enthusiasm for his new posts.

Social MediaLinks
InstagramView Profile
TwitterView Profile
YouTubeView Channel
TikTokView Channel
WebsiteVisit Website

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is Chris Bumstead a millionaire?

Ans. Yes, indeed Chris is a millionaire. His net worth is $11.2 Million which comes to Rs 93 crores in Indian currency. The reason behind his becoming a millionaire is his hard work and complete dedication towards the sport of bodybuilding.

2. Does Mr Olympia give money?

Ans. Yes, Mr Olympia does give money to the winners. The winning amount for the first person is $50 Thousand which in Rupees comes to Rs 41,58,745/-

3. How famous is Chris Bumstead?

Ans. Chris Bumstead is a very famous personality who has fans and followers in millions both on social media and in the real world. Talking of his social media popularity he has 19.4 Million followers on Instagram, 3.45 Million followers on YouTube and 33 Million followers on TikTok. He is an inspiration for others who are looking to build their career in bodybuilding sport.

4. Who does Chris Bumstead train with?

Ans. Chris Bumstead trains with Hany Rambod who is preparing him for the upcoming Mr Olympia event 2023.

5. What is the size of Chris Bumstead’s biceps?

Ans. The size of Chris Bumstead’s biceps is 20 inches (50.8 cm). An average man has a bicep size of 14.6 inches (37.1 cm).

6. What is Cbum height, weight?

Ans. Cbum height and weight are as follows 185 cm (6 feet 1 inches) and 104 KG (230 lbs). respectively.

7. What is cbum net worth?

Ans. Cbum net worth is Rs 93 crore ($11.2 Million) which he accumulates through Bodybuilding, YouTube videos, his business, brand endorsements and sponsorships.

8. What is Cbum Instagram?

Ans. He joined Instagram in June 2012. He is active under the name @cbum. To Know more about him follow his Instagram:- View Profile

9. Who is Cbum sister?

Ans. Cbum sister is Melissa Valliere who was born on 6 December 1990. She is also a professional bodybuilder.

10. Who Is Cbum Girlfriend?

Ans. Cbum also has a girlfriend named Courtney King who is herself a bodybuilder and a fitness freak.

11. Who won Mr Olympia Classic Physique 2023?

Ans. It was Chris Bumstead who won Mr Olympia Classic Physique 2023.

12. How many titles does Chris Bumstead have of Mr Olympia?

Ans. Chris retained the crown of Mr Olympia Classic physique by securing his 5th consecutive win in the prestigious tournament. As of now, Chris has won 5 tiles of Mr Olympia.

13. What inspired Cbum to become a bodybuilder?

Ans. Cbum was a lean child in his childhood days and always wanted to build muscles. This inspired him to enter bodybuilding at an early age.

14. Who advised Cbum to become a bodybuilder in his initial days?

Ans. It was Lain Valliere who advised Cbum to become a bodybuilder in his initial days.

15. What is Chris Bumstead YouTube?

Ans. Chris Bumstead created his YouTube channel on March 5, 2011. He has a huge follower base who loves to watch his videos and his muscular body. View Channel

16. How many meals Chris Bumstead eats in a day?

Ans. Chris Bumstead eats six meals a day daily, including meals containing various proteins.

17. How many social media accounts does Chris Bumstead have?

Ans. Chris Bumstead is a popular personality and has a significant presence on 4 social media i.e. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok.

Final Word of Cbum Net Worth

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