Triggered Insaan Net Worth June 2024: Code to Comedy Crown

Hello everyone are you a big follower of Triggered Insaan who watches all his hilarious videos? Then this article is for you. A YouTuber whose name is popular worldwide. With his success on Youtube Triggered Insaan Net Worth has grown to Rs 45 crores in 2024.

Can you guess which was the video through which Triggered Insaan gained fame? No! then why worry I am here to answer your question, Triggered Insaan gained name and fame in his YouTube career from roasting videos, especially the one he made on Big Boss Contestant 2017 Dhinchik Pooja and that video got huge views.

In this article, I will share Triggered Insaan Net Worth, Family, Girlfriend, Income, Education & More interesting facts. So let’s dive into the article to gain knowledge of this Indian YouTuber.

Quick Wiki & Full Bio

Real nameNischay Malhan
Net Worth Of Triggered Insaan 2024Rs 50 Crore ($6.1 Million)
Salary3 Crore +
Monthly Income25 Lakhs +
Date of Birth14th November, 1995
HeightIn Centimeters –179 cm
In Feet and Inches – (5 feet 9 inches)
In Meters- 1.79 m
WeightIn KGS – 70 KGS
In pounds- 154 pounds
Email[email protected]
Last UpdatedMay 2024

Triggered Insaan Net Worth


Who Is Triggered Insaan?

Does this name sound familiar to you but you are unable to remember who this person is? I will help you through my answer in which I will briefly introduce you to the triggered Insaan.

Triggered Insan is a very popular YouTuber who became famous among people through his hilarious comedy videos. He has two amazing YouTube channels, on one he uploads his crazy videos and on the other, he does live game straming.

Triggered Insaan Net Worth and Income of Triggered Insaan

Do you know how much live Insaan is making in 2023, No? Then you must read this section on which I have done thorough research and come up with the answer that Triggered Insaan Net worth is Rs 50 Crore ($6.1 Million). Now this question must be troubling your mind how he is making so much money? To calm down your troubling mind I have done a deep analysis and concluded that most of the income earned comes from his YouTube channels on which he runs various sponsors and merchandise along with his hilarious videos.

Are you eager to know how much Nischay Malhan earns in a month? Why not I am sure like me all his fans would also be eager to find out about it. The income of Triggered Insaan in a month is Rs 25 Lakhs + which comes from his YouTube channels.

Friends, has this question ever come to your mind how much does Nischay Malhan earn from a video? I am sure this must have come to your mind at some point or the other. Today I have brought the answer to this question, especially for all of you after rigorous research and investigation and concluded that his income from one video is Rs 8 lakh.

According to you is this right or is he earning more than Rs 8 Lakhs? Do let me know in the comment section.

On his first YouTube channel which is also his main channel, he uploads videos in which he cracks funny jokes, while on his second YouTube channel, he does live streaming of PC games.

Triggered Insaan Net Worth Growth In 6 Years

Aren’t you getting curious to find out where Live Insaan has net worth has reached in the past 6 years? Keeping your questions a priority I have come up with details on Triggered Insaan Net Worth growth in the 6 years in the form of a table that depicts his Net Worth growth.

YearNet Worth
2024$6.1 Million (Rs 50 Crore INR)
2023$4.2 Million (Rs 34 crore INR)
2022$1.5 Million (Rs 12 crore INR)
2021$1.4 Million (Rs 11 crore INR)
2020$1.3 Million (Rs 10 crore INR)
2019$1 Million (Rs 8 crore INR)

After seeing this what is your opinion on this? I am sure you will share your thoughts with me in the comment section. 🙂

Triggered Insaan Assets

Do you know what Triggered Insaan Assets which play a major role in deciding his net worth? No! don’t worry I have done some research and came to know some good things that I am about to share with you in this section. First, let me tell you that his assets are worth Rs 20 crores. Let us know them in detail one by one below.

Triggered Insaan House

As he is among the top Youtubers in India he lives a cosy life and the Triggered Insaan house is spacious and is located in one of the posh localities of the Country’s Capital Delhi. Live Insaan lives with his parents and all the members of his family are YouTubers except his father. His house has a home office, 4 bedrooms and a massive lounge.

Live Insaan Car Collection

Live Insaan Car Collection is average and he owns few cars. One of the cheapest cars he owns is a Tata Nano which cost him Rs 2.41 lakhs, moving on to his second car is a Honda City which came for Rs 10.4 Lakhs, A third car owned by him is a Tata Harrier which he bought a price of Rs 24.39 Lakhs and last the most expensive collection owned by the YouTuber is Audi Q7 which came for Rs 80 Lakhs.

Triggered Insaan Car CollectionPrice
Tata NanoRs. 2.41 Lakh
Honda CityRs. 10.4 Lakh
Tata HarrierRs 24.39 Lakhs
Audi Q7Rs. 80 Lakh

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Nischay Malhan Biography

To understand Nischay Malhan in its true form it is essential to reach the roots from where he hails and this we will achieve by knowing Nishchay Malhan Biography. In the preceding section, you learnt about his amazing net worth, but without knowing his biography the journey would be incomplete. So are you ready to immerse in the depths of the wonderful information by knowing his biography?

As I mentioned in the beginning Triggered Insaan real name is Nischay Malhan whose birthplace is Delhi. He grew up with his younger brother and an elder sister.

You can learn more about his family as I have created a separate section on the Triggered Insaan family where I have given a piece of detailed information on them.

In his starting days, Nischay started a YouTube channel and named it Yes Yes Bhai, but he didn’t like the name and decided to give it a more professional name so the second time he renamed it and called his channel Nischay. After some time he changed the channel’s name to Triggered Insaan.

Nischay Malhan Education

Are you wondering how good Nischay Malhan was in his education during his school and college days? So to answer your question I did a thorough research on his academics and here is what the results on Nischay Malhan Education concluded with.

Nischay did his schooling at Lancer Convent School, Delhi and was among those kids who used to perform brilliantly in his exams. In his 10th-class exams he cleared them by scoring 98% and in his higher secondary-class exams he scored 85%.

After completing his schooling he enrolled in the famous IIT College(Indian Institute of Technology), Delhi from where he completed his computer engineering.

He was employed in a company as an engineer but soon felt this was not what he wanted to be, so he resigned from the company after working for a bit of time.

Apart from Live Insaan Education details I carried on further additional research for you and came up with information like his Age and religion which I have talked about in the upcoming section.

Nischay Malhan Birthday, Triggered Insaan Age & Triggered Insaan Religion

Nischay Malhan Birthday is on Tuesday 14 November 1995 and his zodiac sign is Scorpio. Triggered Insaan Age is 28 and will be turning 29 on November 2024. The triggered Insaan Religion is Hinduism.

Biography / WikiDetails
NameNischay Malhan
Current cityDelhi
Date of Birth14th November 1995
Birth PlaceDelhi
Favourite Actors Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan
Favourite SingerGuru Randhawa
Favourite MovieBahubali

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Live Insaan YouTube Career

Are you all getting excited to learn about the brilliant and interesting career of this YouTuber? Then get ready as your excitement levels are about to jump as I have after rigorous research, arranged the details of his career in detail, especially for you. After reading this till the end, you will be impressed by, how much popularity he has achieved through his career and at the same time he has managed to take his net worth to higher heights as well.

Live Insaan YouTube career started in his college days when he loved to play video games whenever something troubled him, this helped him to calm his mind. In his college days Nischay Malhan who was studying computer engineering used to browse the internet for his coding assignments, but he couldn’t extract any information. He thought why not make a video on coding that will help the audience get their answers? This led to the creation of a YouTube channel on 9th September 2012 which he named Nischay Malhan.

He started the channel not to make money from his content, but to help others, the channel was not a regular YouTube channel. You can still access the channel which has 1.55 Million subscribers where Live Insaan shared his programming videos. After he cleared college with good marks he got a good college placement.

It was on 17th July 2014 that he started his YouTube channel by the name of Yes Yes Bhai where he made funny and reaction videos about popular personalities without using any abusive language. He altered his channel’s name to Itz Nischay after which he uploaded some more videos then finally altered his channel’s name to Triggered Insaan.

Live Insaan made a career out of YouTube and went on to create his second or you can even call it his third YouTube channel if we count his college one. In his third YouTube channel which he created by the name Live Insaan on 11th November 2017, he does live streaming of games as he was always fond of playing games. The channel has 10.1 million subscribers.

His success inspired his siblings and they too are YouTubers and doing well. You can check out more about them in the next section.

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Triggered Insaan Family

Ever given a thought to who the person who are the family members of Triggered Insaan who have acted as a booster to take his career to the heights by giving their support, guidance, love and affection to Nischay. Let us know the Triggered Insaan Family who played an equally important role behind the screen.

Nischay’s family members consist of Nischay Malhan parents, his younger brother and an elder sister. Here I will give you detailed information about his family and their occupation. So let’s start by knowing about his parents first.

Triggered Insaan Parents

Triggered Insaan Parents are his father Vinay Malhan and his mother Dimple Malhan. Mr Vinay Malhan is a well-established businessman in Delhi. Her mother Dimple Malhan runs a YouTube channel named Dimple’s Kitchen which she started on 9th April 2019. The channel has received 347,732,373 views and has 418 videos with 1.86M subscribers.

Triggered Insaan Sister

Prerna Malhan is Triggered Insaan Sister and she is also a YouTuber like her younger brother Nischay. She was born 5 years before Nischay on April 7th 1990 and turned 33 on April 2023. Her zodiac sign is Aries and she follows Hinduism. She created her YouTube channel on 6th June 2016 and named her channel Wanderers Hub. The channel has 6.8 Million subscribers, 308 videos and has been viewed 2,014,245,414 times. She is married to Harsh Gupta.

Triggered Insaan Brother

Abhishek Malhan is Triggered Insaan Brother and he is the youngest of all, he too is a YouTuber. He was born 2 years after Nischay on 24th May 1997 and turned 28 on May 2023. His zodiac sign is Gemini and he follows Hinduism. He created his YouTube channel on 1st July 2019 and named it Fukra Insaan. His YouTube channel has 5.81M subscribers, with 260 videos and 1,020,366,753 views.

Family InformationDetails
Father’s NameVinay Malhan
Mother’s NameDimple Malhan
SisterPrerna Malhan
BrotherAbhishek Malhan

Triggered Insaan Girlfriend

If you also want to know about the triggered Insaan girlfriend and want to visit her social account, then you have come to the right place. In this section, I have tried my best to answer your questions.

Do you know Triggered Insaan Girlfriend is Ruchika Rathore? She has an Instagram where she keeps sharing her latest photos of her outfits, vacation pictures, reels and videos. Here is the detail of Ruchika Rathore Instagram account where you can see all her recent pictures, reels and videos.

If you look at the post of Ruchika Rathore that I have shared below you will see the Triggered Insaan comment on February 20 2023.

Ruchika Rathore

If you feel that you did not get adequate answers to your questions, please let us know in the comment section below so that I can research your questions and bring the right answer for you.

Triggered Insaan Height, Weight & Age

Are you a big fan of Triggered Insaan and like to keep yourself updated? Then there is a wonderful piece of information waiting for you which takes you a step closer to this YouTuber. I am sure you are bound to get attracted as I am here with such information for you which you would like to cherish. I am going to share a marvellous aspect which is his physique making this YouTube star different from others.

So let us know about Triggered Insaan Height in feet first, he is 5 feet 9 inches tall which in centimetres would be 179 cm. Now talking about Live Insaan Weight he is 70 kilograms and if it were to be converted to pounds it would be 154 pounds. Live Insaan Age is 28 years and will turn 29 in November 2024.

Height,Weight & AgeDetails
Height160 cm (5 feet 9 inches)
Weight70 KG (154 pounds)
Age28 years

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Triggered Insaan Social Media

Whether you’re curious to follow the triggered person on his or her social channels or you just want to expand your knowledge of his or her social platforms, whatever questions you have about his social media, you’ll find answers in this section. In this section, I have prepared the answers for you after doing a lot of research to find the answers to those questions. So let’s seek our answers in the below paragraphs.

Here you can find all the links of Triggered Insaan Social Media and they can be accessed with a single click where you can watch his amazing videos. So before I tell you the details, I would like to convey that Triggered Insaan has 4 social accounts: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube through which he interacts with his followers.


Nischay Malhan created his Instagram account in May 2017 and his account was verified in January 2021. On his Instagram, he shares reels, videos and pictures of places he visits with his family and friends. In his videos and reels, he is seen sharing funny videos that are liked by his followers. His first post was posted on November 4 2017 which has received 31.4K likes and 1331 comments. His recent post was posted on 8th May 2023, gathering 378K likes and 3212 comments. He has 518 posts on his Instagram account and 7.6 Million followers. He is following 275 accounts.


Live Insaan opened his Twitter account in May 2018 by the name Nischay Malhan. Here he entertains his followers by uploading videos and pictures. He recently retweeted a post of a user on May 4th 2023 which has been liked by 273 people, has received 3 comments and again retweeted by 17 people. On his Twitter account, he has 1798 tweets with 461.9K Followers. He is also following 89 accounts.


Triggered Insaan created his Facebook page on 7 December 2020. Here you could see him sharing his photos, and funny videos in the form of reels and long formats. He recently posted on 4th May 2023 and the post has received 51K likes, 635 comments and 133 shares. His Facebook account has 1.7 Million Followers and he is following 2 accounts.


Nischay Malhan runs 2 youtube channels Triggered Insaan and Live Insaan . He shares creative and funny content in the form of roasting videos and shorts. He uploaded his first video 5 years back in 2018 which was a roasting video of Narendra Modi and became viral. The video received 2.9 Million views, 190K likes and 11501 comments. This channel was created on 17th July 2014 and has 291 videos uploaded. It is followed by 20.7 Million followers. He recently posted a video on 6th May titled “Funniest English Legend Becomes Crorepati😂 – English Fails” which has got 3.5 Million views, 339K likes and 13405 comments.

He started his second channel on 11 Nov 2017 where he mostly does live game streaming and this channel is also top-rated. The channel has 11.1 Million Subscribers with 397 videos and has received 2,024,667,406 total views. Here too he shares shorts and videos. His first video on this channel was uploaded in 2019 and was titled “PAN Only Challenge PUBG Mobile (custom mode) | Triggered Insaan”, The video received 1.7 Million views, 62 K likes and 2182 comments. He recently uploaded a video on this channel on 9th May 2023 titled “Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 – Scary Mommy se Bachke Bhaag Gaya” receiving 489K views, 41 K likes and 1973 comments.

Social MediaLinksFollowers
InstagramView Profile7.6 Million
FacebookView Profile1.7 Million
TwitterView Profile461.9K
YouTubeView Channel20.7 Million
YoutubeView Channel11.1 Million


1. How much does Triggered Insaan earn?

Ans. The income of Triggered Insaan in a month is 25 Lakhs +.

2. Did Triggered Insaan go to IIT?

Ans. Yes, Triggered Insaan went to IIT, Delhi and completed his computer engineering.

3. Who is the owner of Triggered Insaan?

Ans. Nischay Malhan is the owner of Triggered Insaan which is a YouTube channel that was created by him in 2018 and has 18.1 Million subscribers.

4. What is Triggered Insaan real name?

Ans. Triggered Insaan real name is Nischay Malhan who was born in Rohini, Delhi and was raised along with his siblings Prerna and Abhishek Malhan.

5. What is Triggered Insaan age?

Ans. Triggered Insaan is currently 28 years old and will turn 29 in November 2024.

6. Which was Triggered Insaan’s first video?

Ans. He uploaded his first video 5 years back in 2018 which was a roasting video of Shri Narendra Modi and became viral. The video received 2.9 Million views, 190K likes and 11501 comments.

7. What is Triggered Insaan Instagram?

Ans. Triggered Insaan joined Instagram in May 2017. He has been active for 6 years and has a huge base of followers.

8. Who is Triggered Insaan Sister?

Ans. Prerna Malhan is Triggered Insaan elder sister who was born on April 7th 1990. She too is a Youtuber like Nischay Malhan.

9. Who is Triggered Insaan mother?

Ans. Triggered Insaan mother is Dimple Malhan who runs a YouTube channel named Dimple’s Kitchen which she started on 9th April 2019.

10. Who is Triggered Insaan brother?

Ans. Triggered Insaan Brother who is the youngest among all of them. He too followed in his elder brother’s footsteps by being a YouTuber.

11. What is Triggered Insaan Net Worth?

Ans. Triggered Insaan Net Worth is Rs 50 Crore ($6.1 Million).

12. How much Triggered Insaan earn from YouTube?

Ans. From a single video on his YouTube channel, he earns Rs 8 Lakhs +.

13. What is Nischay Malhan Net Worth?

Ans. Nischay Malhan Net Worth is Rs 50 Crore ($6.1 Million).

14. What is Fukra insaan age?

Ans. Fukra insaan age is 28 years. He is younger brother of Triggered Insaan.

15. Where did Triggered Insaan complete his college?

Ans. Triggered Insaan completed his college from IIT, Delhi.

16. What is Triggered Insaan’s mother’s official YouTube?

Ans. Triggered Insaan’s mother’s official YouTube channel is under the name of Dimple’s Kitchen.

17. Which is the most popular video of Triggered Insaan on YouTube?

Ans. The most popular video of Triggered Insaan on his channel Triggered Insaan is TikTok Try Not To Laugh/Cringe Challenge vs My Sister. It has been viewed by 50 million viewers.

18. How many YouTube channels does Triggered Insaan own?

Ans. Triggered Insaan has 2 YouTube channels which are under the name of Triggered Insaan and Live Insaan.

19. What content does Triggered Insaan post on his Live Insaan YouTube channel?

Ans. The content that Triggered Insaan posts on his Live Insaan YouTube channel contains live gaming.

20. On how many social media channels Triggered Insaan is active?

Ans. Triggered Insaan is officially active on a total of 4 official social media which are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and 2 YouTube channels.

Final Word of Triggered Insaan Net Worth

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