Parle Company Net Worth July 2024: India’s Biscuit Brand

Today I have come up with an article which in itself is full of wonderful details of a milestone in the food sector of our economy. The article will take you back in time where you will see the foundation of a popular company that is on everyone’s lips. Yes, I am referring to Parle the brand which has made a prominent place in every household and is a leading brand not only in India but also globally which can be seen in the form of Parle Company Net worth and its gigantic turnover.

Parle company’s most notable moment since it became active was when Parle became a popular brand through the sales of Parle-G biscuits. Today these biscuits have reached every Indian household. They are even making India proud by its expansion in international markets.

Through this article, we will venture into the depths of the company knowing Parle Company Net Worth, who founded it, the reason behind its foundation, the path to success and many more interesting facts.

Quick Wiki & Full Bio

Popular NameParle
TurnoverRs 172 billion ( $2 Billion)
Income SourceBiscuits
Retail Presence
Institutional Sales
Distribution Network
Innovation and Marketing
Year of Foundation1929
Founder NameChauhan family
Country Founded InIndia
Managing DirectorVijay Chauhan
HeadquartersVile Parle (East), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Area ServedWorldwide
ProductsBiscuits and Confectionery
Number Of Employees1,625
Last UpdatedMay 2024

Parle Company Net Worth

What Parle Company Is?

Parle has deep roots in every Indian and a picture of faith in everyone’s mind. The name makes people’s trust soar high. For many, it is more than a brand and has been attached to their feelings and trust since their childhood. Yet for those audience who don’t know what Parle Company is, I am here with an introduction to help you get closer to the company’s roots.

Parle is a multinational food corporation, which specialises in producing confectionery products including popular Parle G biscuits that are a favourite munch of millions along with tea. Parle G has not only created a solid impact on Indian markets but across the globe by taking Indian confectionary to new boundaries by becoming the highest-selling brand of biscuits in the world.

What is Parle Company Net Worth

Are you not curious to know what the net worth of Parle company, which has created a special identity among the people of every generation with its excellent quality products, leading to its growth?

Being the largest producer of Parle products the company has a huge net income of Rs 905 crores as of the financial year 2023. The revenue that the company earned in the previous financial year was Rs 17,223 crore which is equal to $2.2 billion.

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What are Parle Income Source

Are you astonished with the revenue earnings of Parle company? Prepare yourself because now we are going to go to a different level where I will unveil those wonderful springs of income from where this Indian company is setting new heights.

Biscuits: Parle company is popular for its wide range of biscuits catering to millions of consumers’ tastes and choices. The variety includes popular Parle-G, Monaco, KrackJack, Hide & Seek and many others. The company earns its primary income from the sales of biscuits through numerous marketing channels.

Retail Presence: The company has created a strong foothold with its remarkable presence. Today you can see Parle products in small rural shops to huge shopping complexes. The revenue is generated through sales of these products.

E-commerce: Today’s online shopping trend is all-time high and with changing times company also changed its selling techniques by making its presence online on numerous popular platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, direct sales through its official website etc. The company earns through sales made online making its customer shop experience even more convenient.

Institutional Sales: Parle is also associated with numerous institutions, hospitals and catering services. The company gets bulk orders from institutions for products like biscuits which are consumed in large quantities during tea time and conferences contributing to its revenue.

Exports: Parle is an international brand and its products are popular across the globe in numerous countries. The company earns a notable portion from export sales.

Confectionery: Apart from being an expert in preparing biscuits, the company also produces confectionery items like candies, toffees and sweets. These products contribute significantly to the company’s earnings.

Distribution Network: Parle has an extensive dispersal network spread across urban and rural areas in India. With the widespread outreach of its products to the public through a well-established distribution channel the company secures the generation of steady income.

Diversification: As time changed, so did the people’s tastes and preferences, the company diversified its product portfolio by introducing new products which helped them stay in the market. Through diversification company aims to target unreached areas and capture new markets to enhance overall revenue.

Innovation and Marketing: Parle has a team of innovators who think out of the box and come up with innovative ideas to make the products even better and more attractive than before. These innovations ensure that company revenues keep growing through the sales of its products.

Who Laid Parle Foundation And Why

Are you wondering Who Laid The Foundation Of Parle and Why? What was the cause that triggered the spark which led to the fantastic idea of bringing this mega Indian confectionery maker to reality? In today’s time, it has won the trust of millions across the globe.


Parle company was founded by Mohanlal Chauhan a member of the Chauhan family in 1929. Mohanlal came from Pardi located near Valsad, Gujarat. He came to Mumbai in search of making a living. He got a job as a tailor. But that was not enough to sustain his family. The next thing he thought was to run his own business.

The Birth Of Parle

Mohanlal started a business bakery where he produced numerous items like buns, rusk bread, scones, turnovers ( a type of pastry), Kulcha (nankhatai) etc. Mohanlal was the father of five sons Maneklal, Pitambar, Narottam, Kantilal and Jayantilal who worked under his guidance.

In 1939 Parle started manufacturing biscuits with a license which was limited to selling only to the British Indian Army. After India’s independence, the company revised its strategy and started a drive to showcase its Glucose biscuits as an option over British biscuits.

However, it was Parle-G that turned the game for the company as it reached every Indian. The company got another big opportunity when the Morarji government banned the sales of Coca-Cola in India. The company saw the opportunity and started its cold beverages which too received a positive response from the public as there were no competitors to compete with. Its cold beverages like Frooti, Thums Up, and Gold Spot became a household name.

Later the business split between the brothers where Jayantilal took charge of beverages and rest three brothers took charge of biscuits production.

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How Parle Company Became So Popular?

Can you feel the vibrations of the high levels of energy flowing in you as we are about to set on an amazing expedition to find out how Parle company fought the competitive market to gain the trust of its loyal clients who love to consume their products.

  • Quality Products at Affordable Prices: Parle became popular by offering high-quality products including the Parle-G biscuits especially which became popular in every Indian home due to the nutritional content, delicious taste and affordable pricing which made them accessible to people coming from different classes of the society.
  • Extensive Distribution Network: Through its extensive distribution network the company reached out to the people living in rural and urban areas. It made sure that its products reached the remotest corner of the country which ensured its smooth accessibility along with visibility. This helped the company capture a consumer base in the masses.
  • Innovative Marketing Strategies: Parle promoted its products through innovative marketing strategy. The company created catchy songs and memorable advertising slogans which helped the brand grow and make an emotional connection with the consumers. The most famous slogan that I and you can recall is the advertising of Parle-G where “G for Genius” campaign. This helped the company connect with those Indian parents who had aspirations towards their children.
  • Focus on Consumer Preferences: The company focused on consumer preferences by understanding their needs. They diversified their product portfolio by introducing new flavours, variants and packaging sizes to meet the tastes and choices of millions. This customer-centric approach helped Parle maintain its brand image and competitive edge in the market.
  • Emphasis on Quality and Hygiene: Parle company focuses on quality and hygiene standards ensuring that there is no compromise in quality control measures. This commitment has earned the trust of millions of customers further enhancing the brand image.
  • Adaptability and Innovation: With time, Parle adapted itself and launched new products in the market with its innovative ideas, which brought huge benefits to the company. The company equipped its manufacturing plant with the latest technology, which further improved its processing speed. Due to all this, the company finds itself in a strong position in such a competitive market.
  • Iconic Brand Identity: Parle has a distinct identity with a distinct logo, packaging design and catchy product names. The brand’s thoughtful appeal, which has a deep-rooted presence in every Indian home contributes to its enduring success and iconic status.

  • Community Engagement and CSR: The company actively engages in various social initiatives and corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. By contributing to social causes like education and promoting environmental sustainability Parle has further strengthened its bond with consumers by earning their goodwill. This helped enhance the company’s reputation.

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What are the products produced by Parle?

Are you filled with high levels of energy to know What are the products produced by Parle? Starting with simple gluco biscuits which were later renamed to Parle G ( G standing for gluco), the company has diversified itself into numerous and vast portfolios of products. I have arranged the list of the wide range of products that the company produces.

Popular Products of Amul
Parle Gluco
Parle G
Krack Jack
Hide & Seek Milano
Milk Shakti
Hide & Seek
Happy Happy Choco Chip Cookies
Top Delicious & Crispy Rich Butterly Crackers
2 In 1 Eclair
Kaccha Mango Bite
Orange Bite
Melody Chocolaty
Full Toss
Parles Wafers
Happy Happy Cakes
Parle Rusk

What Are Parle Company Social Media

Are you wondering about what kind of content Parle shares on their social media accounts? I have a wonderful news for you! I’ve gathered all the juicy details about their official social media accounts which will give you an insight into their world. From the date when they started their accounts to the type of content they posted in the early days and their current number of followers – I have covered everything for you. Being the largest producer of biscuits and confectionery in the world you won’t want to miss the exciting part.


Parle company started their Facebook journey by creating its official page on 22 April 2017. Here they share varied posts from business to promotions. Since the time of its creation, the company has a large follower base with 151K page likes.

The first post that the company uploaded on 24 April 2017 was their cover photo. The post received 25 likes and 2 shares.

The company’s latest activity was on 26 March 2024 captioned “Recipes bheja kya? Bhookh badhti jaa rahi hai“. It has received 16 likes and 2 shares.


Parle created its Instagram account on April 2017 which was verified five years later in May 2022. The company has a good following base.

The company’s first post was uploaded on April 25, 2017. The post shows a variety of biscuits the company makes. The post has received 26 likes and 1 comment.

The most recent post uploaded by Parle is a reel of a recipe captioned “The Biggest cricket season of the year is here! And that calls for some fun snacks too right”. The post has received 10.4K likes and 130 comments.


Parle created its Twitter account in October 2012. The company has a decent base of followers who interact with the new posts that the company keeps publishing. Parle has till now posted 1069 posts on its account which also includes crossposting from its other official social accounts.


The company started its official YouTube channel on 17 Oct 2012 where it shares numerous kinds of videos to engage with its subscribers. On its channel, the company has a substantial base of followers.

The first video uploaded by the company was 11 years ago captioned “Parle Gold Star TVC“. The video fetched 16K views, 10 comments and 99 likes.

If you are looking for their popular video then it was uploaded 5 years ago captioned “Parle Milano | Dark Choco Centre Filled Cookies | Pilates“. This video was watched by over 30 Million viewers with 16 comments and 738 likes.

The most recent video uploaded by the company was on 24 March 2024 captioned “Parle Corporate | Secret Service “. The post has since its upload has received 918 views, 10 likes and 1 comment.

Social MediaDetails
FacebookView Profile
InstagramView Profile
TwitterView Profile
YouTubeView Channel
WebsiteVisit Website

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1. What is the value of Parle-G company?

Ans. Parle-G owns a special place in the brand, it is through sales of Parle-G that the company reached new heights. Parle-G has a market cap of Rs 11 crore.

2. Who is owner of Parle?

Ans.  Vijay Chauhan the owner of Parle is the son of Kanital Chauhan who took the reins along with his two brothers Sharad and Raj Chauhan.

3. Which is No 1 biscuit in world?

Ans.  The No.1 biscuit in the world is none other than Parle-G which is

4. Who is the CEO of Parle-G?

Ans. The CEO of Parle-G is Vijay Chauhan who runs the business along with his two siblings.

5. How much old is Parle company?

Ans. Parle started its operation in 1929. As of 2024, the company has completed 95 years.

6. What is Parle company net worth?

Ans. Being a company Parle company net worth is not calculated individually. The net income of the company is Rs 905 crores as of the financial year 2023. The revenue that the company earned in the previous financial year was Rs 17,223 crore which is equal to $2.2 billion.

7. What is Parle company Instagram?

Ans. Parle started its Instagram journey in April 2017 and was verified by Instagram as a verified account in May 2022. Its journey on Instagram has been fruitful with a good followers base. View Profile

8. How many social media accounts does Parle company officially maintain?

Ans. Parle company officially maintain a total of 4 social media accounts which are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

9. What is the Parle Company YouTube Channel?

Ans. The Parle Company maintains a YouTube channel on which it shares rich videos of its products. The company started its YouTube channel on 17 Oct 2012.

10. How many types of biscuits does Parle company make?

Ans. Parle company gives its customers a wide range of biscuits to choose from. The company prepare 15 types of biscuits including the most popular Parle G.

Final Word of Parle Company Net Worth

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