JBL Company Net Worth May 2024: Sound Innovators

Hello everyone, today’s article is based on a popular company JBL which has emerged as a leading company in the world earning the trust and reputation of millions of customers worldwide through its fantastic audio devices. JBL company net worth can be determined from revenue earnings which are soaring to the heights which show its popularity levels.

The company celebrated one of its major accomplishments by reaching the milestone of selling a massive 200 million headphones in India. 

In this article, we will go through very interesting junctures which include JBL company net worth, founder, income sources, the reason for establishing the company, how the company became famous and what are its products. After knowing all this, you will prepare a clear and complete picture of the company in your mind.

Quick Wiki & Full Bio

Popular NameLansing Sound (JBL)
TurnoverRs 1667 crores ( $ 200 Million)
Income SourceProduct Sales
Professional Audio Services
Licensing and Partnerships
After-Sales Services
Accessories and Merchandise
Digital Streaming and Content
Year of Foundation1946
Founder NameJames Bullough Lansing
Country Founded InLos Angeles, California, United States
President and Chief Executive OfficerMichael Mauser
HeadquartersLos Angeles, California, United States
Area ServedWorldwide
ProductsAmplifiers, loudspeakers, headphones
Last UpdatedApril 2024

JBL Company Net Worth

What JBL Company Is?

Before proceeding with our article, let me give you a small but heartening introduction to JBL company so that this article can give you a clear picture of this company in the end.

JBL also known as James B. Lansing Sound is an American brand owned by Harman International which is a famous audio company in the world and a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics with headquarters in Los Angeles. It has a vast portfolio of audio products like headphones, earphones, car speakers, sound bars, party speakers etc. The company has clients across professional as well as customer home markets.

What is JBL Company Net Worth

After getting a wonderful introduction, now you must be wondering what is JBL Company net worth. Anticipating this interesting question from you, I did a lot of research for this question and to satisfy your curiosity, I prepared an answer to counter your curiosity.

JBL Company net worth can be found from its revenue earnings and this is an admirable figure of 200 million dollars which if you calculate in Indian Rupees then it comes to 1667 crores. 

This question might also arise in your mind where does the company earn so much revenue, then rest assured that I am going to tell you briefly about this in the upcoming section.

What are JBL Income Source

In the previous section, you learned about the net worth of  JBL company and its revenue earnings. Now, moving forward with the article, I am going to tell you about those wonderful springs which act as a river keeping the accounts of the company moving. Below I have talked about the major sources of income through which the company earns its revenue and also through these, it finds a way to reach the heights.

  • Product Sales: The main source of this company is its product sale which includes many audio devices which are available in India and other international markets. This company manufactures various types of audio devices such as headphones, sound bars, earphones and professional devices etc. The company earnings from these products either comes from the company’s showroom or through the retailers associated with the company. Apart from this, the company also earns revenue through online or offline sales directly to customers.

  • Professional Audio Services: The second main source of income of the company comes from professional services such as sound backup, these mostly include events, concerts, and installation of speakers in the theatres in which the company sells or rents out its products. This gives additional revenue-earning sources to JBL.

  • Licensing and Partnerships: The company allows its brand name and technology to be used in various ways in collaboration with other brands, such as through JBL speakers installed in the automobile industry, smart sound systems and consumer electronics. This enables the company to add another source of earnings. The company also earns revenue in the form of licensing fees and royalties for allowing other brands to use its brand name.

  • After-Sales Services: JBL also provides after-sale services to its customers. Through its after-sales service, the company earns revenue by providing services like the replacement of parts, technical support and repairing the parts of the products etc.

  • Accessories and Merchandise: JBL also offers its clients a wide range of accessories and merchandise products including branded apparel, cables and carrying cases. The sale of these accessories generates additional profits.

    Digital Streaming and Content: In the world of digital media no company would like to lag when it comes to sales. Reaping the power of digital media the company indulges in content creation related to audio like podcasts, curated playlists or special content designed for its valuable customers.

Who Laid JBL Foundation And Why

Are you all ready to go on an adventurous journey where you will know who laid the foundation of this company and what was the reason behind the establishment of this company. Trust me, after getting the answer to this question, you will come to know that the founder of the company had laid the foundation with a very good vision in his mind.

JBL company was founded by James Bullough Lansing, who was an American audio engineer as well as the designer of JBL loudspeakers. The name JBL stands for James Bullough Lansing.

Before that James had laid the foundation of Lansing Manufacturing Company along with his business partner Ken Decker in 1927.

The Cause

In the year 1933, Douglas Shearer, head of the sound department of MGM studios, was extremely disappointed with the existing loudspeakers of his time, which were provided by Western Electric and RCA.

To solve this problem Douglas Shearer thought of inventing an audio system. To accomplish this task, Douglas along with James Lancing’s Manufacturing Company and other experienced individuals present in his team, including John Hilliard, Robert Stephens, and John F. Blackburn came up with the much-needed improvement by creating Shearer Horn.

The Shearer Horn used to be a precision unit which achieved excellent audio quality by connecting a paper coil to a 2-inch round wire voice coil. He shared this achievement with his old distributors Western Electric and RCA and using this knowledge, he gave them a contract to manufacture 75 units each.

While RCA used it in their RCA photophones, Western Electric named it Diaponics. Lansing Manufacturing was the only company at the time selling the Shearer Horn. The company soon reaped the rewards of its achievements when it was awarded the Academy Scientific and Technical Award by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

With the experience of Shearer Horn that gave better results, Lancing started his work to produce Iconic System loudspeakers for cinemas. The device contained a compression driver for high frequency and a 15-inch woofer for low frequency.

James was a good innovator but lagged when it came to business. With James’ partner Ken Decker’s death in an air crash in 1939, the company started experiencing financial troubles. In 1941 the company was taken over by Altec and was renamed to Altec Lancing.

It was a five-year contract that James had signed with Altec which expired in 1946. James left the company and founded another which he named Lancing Sound, it was later changed to James B Lancing Sound which in short stands as JBL.

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How JBL Company Became So Popular?

While YOU must be admiring the findings that you came across in the above sections, but do you know how the company expanded its reach and became popular? In this section, we will extract those juicy details which took the company to the heights which its founder had once dreamt of.

  • Heritage and Legacy: The company has a long legacy spanning 78 years. Its founder James B. Lancing was a prominent figure with an innovative mind to bring a change in the audio industry, without his valuable and priceless contribution the company wouldn’t have reached so far and earned the reputation of millions for quality products.

  • Innovative Technology: Changing with time and implementing new technologies have helped the company to build its strong brand image. With its innovative products like the Hartsfield” speaker the company has made a strong impact in the audio industry. Its research and development team are always hungry to introduce a product like never seen before.

  • Professional Audio: The company has a stronghold in the professional market where it provides its customers with a sound support system which are used in live events, concerts and theatres. The company has earned loyalty from its customers through its product performance and reliability.

  • Consumer Electronics: JBL has a vast portfolio of products to display when it comes to consumer electronics. The diverse product range enables the customer to choose the best device. The company offers products with excellent sound quality which are visually appealing and sleek in design. The products include portable speakers, audio speakers and headphones.

  • Marketing and Branding: JBL collaborates with numerous influencers like athletes, musicians and celebrities to reach out to a larger audience base. By collaborating with these influencers and offering sponsorships in major events the brand has managed to increase its visibility.

  • Global Presence: JBL has a global presence, with its distribution spread across numerous countries. You can find the company’s products in a small electronic shop to massive shopping malls. It also sells through online portals like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay and others making them easily accessible to its potential customers.

  • Adaptability and Evolution: As time evolved the customer taste in buying has also changed. JBL has adapted and evolved itself not only in terms of selling but by also making its manufacturing plants equipped with the latest technologies to keep itself in the race of ever-changing markets of audio devices. The company has included numerous products in its range including wireless and smart speakers.

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What are the products produced by JBL?

Have your energy levels gone up to find out What are the products produced by JBL? The company has a long list of products to cater to everyone’s needs. It provides premium products giving a tech-savvy person loaded features also the company has products with simple features for those who like to keep everything simple. Keeping the valuable fans interest in mind I have arranged the list of products that are sold on a large scale.

  • Speakers: The company has various speakers to offer to its clients accommodating everyone’s budget. One can choose from home audio systems, portable Bluetooth speakers, soundbars and studio monitors. The company gives its precious clients invaluable experience in terms of quality, durability and designs.

  • Headphones: JBL also manufactures headphones in varied forms like over-ear, in-ear models etc. These headphones enable the customer to power up his sound hearing experience with features like noise cancellation and Pure Bass sound which elevates the hearing experience for music lovers and casual hearers.

  • Earphones: JBL offers its customers two options wired and wireless when it comes to choosing earphones. By harnessing the power of technology company has made its earphones waterproof, and touch control with long-lasting battery life. As these are comfortable and convenient they can be used in everyday life like workouts, travel etc.

  • Soundbars: The soundbars that JBL offers to its customers worldwide deliver high-quality audio for home entertainment systems which powers up the watching experience on television and home theater. Packed with amazing features like Dolby Atmos, voice control and wireless subwoofers, these soundbars make our audio experience immersive.

  • Professional Audio Equipment: This American company provides sound support systems, amplifiers and speakers for professional use such as live events, stadiums etc. Renowned for its reliability, long-lasting and exceptional performance they meet the demands of audio professionals across the globe.

  • Car Audio Systems: JBL has a special place in the automobile industry, the company sells the car companies its speakers, and subwoofers which come pre-installed with the vehicles. They come loaded with features like customizable audio settings and a JBL car audio system which further enhances our hearing experience during driving.

What Are JBL Company Social Media?

Are you all eager to get great information related to JBL company social media? There is wonderful news for all of you, I have come up with the very information that you had been seeking like when the company started its social media journey, how many followers trust it won on its wonderful journey, the rich content that the company comes up with to engage its audience on social media and what was the content in the early days through which it made a positive imprint on social media.

Before we proceed into the depths let me put it in your valuable collection of knowledge that the company maintains 5 official social media accounts where you can engage with their rich content.


JBL company started its Facebook journey on March 5, 2010. In its journey of 14 years, the company has won the trust of many followers and increased the number of its follower accounts. At present the company’s official page has 3.5 million likes and along with it, there is also a huge number of followers who like to watch the latest content of the company.

The company first uploaded the post on its social media on April 16, 2010, in which it can be seen that the company is trying to reach as many people as possible by directly using the power of social media. This post received one like and two comments.

The company uploaded its latest post on its Facebook page on March 11, 2024, with the caption” BTS with @clix: we stay locked in“. This post has so far received 106 likes as well as three comments and two shares


This American company started its Instagram journey in April 2012, which received the status of a verified account after 5 years in February 2017. On its Instagram channel, the company shares a variety of posts with its followers and includes various audio devices. You can also check this point of mine by going to their Instagram. It has a huge number of followers on its Instagram channel.

This company uploaded its first post on Instagram on 9 September. In this post, the company has shared a snapshot of one of its products with its followers. This post has also received 352 likes and 17 comments.

In its latest post, the company has shared a trouser post of its headphones with its followers. This post has received 354 likes and 1 comment so far.


This American company has also used mega social platforms like Twitter, due to which today the number of followers on Twitter has started increasing for the company. The company opened its account on Twitter in April 2009.

On its Twitter account, the company shares many video posts as well as many photos. These posts include various types of product promotions of the company which are used in everyday work.

So far, the company has shared 28K posts on its Twitter account, the number of which is sure to increase in the future as the company keeps releasing posts related to its new and amazing products.

Apart from this, the company also does cross-posting from its other social media in which you will also see those posts which you might have seen on their social media channels.


JBL company also has its own official YouTube channel where it shares various videos related to its products with its subscribers. The company started its YouTube journey on January 8, 2006. In its long journey of 18 years, the company has provided many interesting contents to its subscribers due to which the company has a good follower base today. The company’s official YouTube channel has been viewed by 17 crore people so far.

If we talk about the oldest post of the company, it was uploaded 8 years ago with the caption “JBL Wireless Headphones | Everest 700”. This video post has received 320 comments along with 43K views so far.

If you are looking for the most popular video post of this company, then I want to tell you that the company uploaded its post 1 year ago with the caption “JBL LIVE PRO 2 TWS | Lifestyle | Livre para ouvir e ser ouvido”. You will be shocked to know that this video post has been viewed by 15 million viewers and this video post has also received 265 comments.

This company released its latest post on March 10, 2024. Its caption is “JBL BE HEARD | J VERSE: Dance with Destiny”. This post has been viewed by 14K YouTube viewers so far and along with this, the post has received 52 likes along with 2 comments.


JBL also has an account on Pinterest on which you can see 36 categories created by them which include many products. If you add all of these together, the total number of posts that the company has uploaded so far on its account is 424 Pins. This account of the company receives monthly traffic of 979.8K.

Social MediaDetails
FacebookView Profile
InstagramView Profile
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YouTubeView Channel
PinterestView Profile
WebsiteVisit Website

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1. Is JBL a Japanese company?

Ans. No, JBL is not a Japanese company instead it is American company.

2. Who is JBL owned by?

Ans. JBL is owned by popular Harman International which is a subsidiary of Samsung electronics.

3. Is JBL high quality?

Ans. JBL strongly believes in giving its customers quality products. The company builds its products from high-quality raw materials from the initial stage and maintains a strict protocol till the final product.

4. What is JBL famous for?

Ans. JBL is popular for its high-quality audio devices. The company has a diverse portfolio of products including headphones, speakers, soundbars, earphones etc.

5. Why is JBL so expensive?

Ans. JBL is expensive because it comes loaded with features and as you go into the higher models the cost keeps increasing with better sound output.

Final Word of JBL Company Net Worth

Thanks for taking your valuable time to read this post till the end.

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