Boat Company Net Worth July 2024: Revolutionizing Audio

Today’s article is based on a company which has dominated the market with its lofty intentions and has become quite popular among the young generation. I am talking about Boat Company which is India’s No. 1 wireless audio brand and the world’s 3rd largest wireless brand. Its global presence has taken Boat Company Net worth and turnover to soaring heights.

The brand-notable moment arrived when it crossed a remarkable milestone by manufacturing 2.5 crores+ wearable and audio devices in India itself which shows how popular it is among Indians.

Through this article, we will uncover those wonderful points of this Indian company which highlights its significance in growing the Indian audio devices market across the globe. We will talk about Boat Company Net Worth, Founders, the reason behind its foundation, the path to success and many more interesting facts.

Quick Wiki & Full Bio

Popular NameBoat India
Turnover (2023)Rs 33.7 Billion ( $ 403 Million)
Income SourceWireless Audio Product Sales
Retail Presence
Brand Partnerships
Accessories Sales
Licensing and Royalties
After-Sales Service
Subscription Services
International Expansion
Year of Foundation2016
Founder NameAman Gupta and Sameer Ashok Mehta
Country Founded InIndia
Managing DirectorSameer Mehta
HeadquartersGurgaon, Haryana
Area ServedWorldwide
ProductsAudio and Wireless Devices
Number Of Employees501-1000
Last UpdatedApril 2024

Boat Company Net Worth

What Boat Company Is?

The boat is not just a name it’s a brand that has been a favourite choice among many people worldwide. This name has become very common among the young generations. For those audience who don’t know what Boat Company is, I am here with an introduction that will take you closer to the roots from where the company rose.

Boat is India’s No.1 brand which is popular for its wireless and earpiece devices. Apart from this Boat has a vast portfolio of products offering its customers to choose the device according to their occasion.

What is Boat Company Net Worth?

Aren’t you filled with enthusiasm after getting a hearty introduction to India’s number-one brand of wireless and earwear devices? You must be surrounded by multiple questions related to this company such as what is Boat Company Net Worth and what are the sources which contribute to its steady revenue growth.

Being the 5th largest brand of wearable devices across the globe it is truly remarkable to achieve this spot and represent India on the international stage. In 2023 the company achieved new heights by earning a revenue of Rs 3,377 crore.

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What are Boat Income Source

Are you excited to explore those wonderful sources of springs that acted as a revenue generator for this Indian company and changed the overall look of the company by leaving its impact and presence felt across the globe? Well, I am sure you will enjoy reading about these wonderful sources that I am referring to. Without any further delay let us jump into the rich information.

  • Wireless Audio Product Sales: Boat primarily earns revenues through the sale of its wireless audio products which include headphones, speakers and wearable audio devices.

  • E-commerce Sales: Boat has a strong presence on popular e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, E-Bay, Snapdeal etc. The company also sells its products through its official website giving it multiple channels to generate revenues.

  • Retail Distribution: The boat company has a widespread base of retailers through which it earns revenues. You will find the company’s products being sold in small mobile shops to supermarkets as well as in departmental stores across India.

  • Accessories Sales: The company also generates revenues through the sale of accessories such as charging cables, carrying cases and replacements boosting the revenue stream.

  • Licensing and Royalties: Boat may generate additional revenue by collaborating with other companies allowing them to use their brand name in exchange for the royalties.

  • Product Development Services: The company can generate revenues by offering its expertise to other companies by using its valuable experience in the field of wireless audio gained over the years.

  • After-Sales Service: Being the number 1 audio company in India the company has a huge client base who often visit the company’s service centres in multiple cities and towns. The repairs and replacement generate additional income for this Indian company.

  • Subscription Services: Boat India also offers its customers extended warranties, numerous deals and premium content access at a specific price which allows them to add another stream of revenue.

  • International Expansion: Boat India has expanded its market base outside India and has become the 3rd largest smartwatch and earwear brand globally. This has widened the revenue stream as the company has reached an international audience.

Who Laid Boat Foundation And Why

Isn’t your mind questioning you who was the person with such a genius brain behind the foundation of India’s best audio brand and what motivated them to bring their thoughts to the world we live in? Your curiosity is appreciated and I’m here to quench your curiosity with the findings I came across.

Mr Aman Gupta says “The aim of this journey? Self-discovery as an Indian Of Course“.

The foundation of the Boat was laid by Mr Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta in 2016. It was Aman Gupta who came up with the idea to come up with something that is not present in the market and has a high quality.

But why did Aman Gupta choose the name Boat for his company? Well, there is a wonderful thought the company has a tagline “Plug Into Nirvana” which translates to plug into freedom and peace. The company is dedicated to extending its audio devices to a premium quality.

Today Aman Gupta is a proud and confident entrepreneur who has earned the top spot with his hard work and is dominating the market.

Mr Aman Gupta is the co-founder of this astonishing Brand. His hard work has paid off. And so he is confident to say that his brand is ruling the market currently.

At that time the founders noticed that the potential customers were looking for a brand which fits into one product and that was affordable, fashionable and long-lasting. The company had only one goal to give the customer the product they needed. Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta talked to the consumers and understood their tastes and preferences and noticed that a brand was missing that improved quality of life through audio, wireless and wearable devices which included smartwatches.

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How Boat Company Became So Popular?

You must be having another question in your mind how did Boat overcome the challenges of beating its rivals that had a strong presence in the market to become India’s No.1 Audio brand? Let’s seek an answer to this very interesting question which has triggered my curiosity as well.

Boat India started as a startup that operated without any external help. In the beginning, the company managed to get funding of Rs 3 Lakhs from its founders and had a tough time raising more funds.

It was a tough phase for the company which struggled to produce fashionable and trending products each day. It even had a tough time entering into Indian markets to create a brand image with big rivals.

Numerous brands were selling audio devices that weren’t cost-effective. But with the entry of Boat, the whole industry was revolutionized.

The brand’s durability and cost-effective factor are very popular and its popularity spread like wildfire through word-of-mouth and other multiple factors like online, and offline marketing.

Starting with the manufacturing and sale of simply cables, as it became mature and familiar with the market trend it changed and evolved to fashionable audio accessories and products. Today Boat has a market share of 26.7%.

The company expanded its visibility by collaborating and forming a strategic partnership with popular celebrities and influencers. The company also fulfils the products that the clients aspire for.

Boat India also implements other marketing strategies including print media, television, events and meets to keep its dominance alive in the ever-competitive market that is changing rapidly with time.

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What are the products produced by Boat?

After hearing so much valuable and exciting information about the company you’ll want to get detailed information on the list of products produced by Boat. The company started with simple products and later diversified by expanding its list. I have arranged a list of products that are extremely popular among the audience. 

Popular Products of Boat
True Wireless Earbuds
Wireless Speakers
Party Speakers
Car Accessories
Personalised Products
Wired Headphones
MisFit Trimmers
Superhero Collection
Wired Earphones
Trebel For Women
Limited Editions
Wireless Headphones
Gaming headphones

What are Boat Social Media?

You must be having an eagerness to find out about the details of India’s No. 1 audio brand. Your mind must be craving to find out about those juicy details that the company shares on its social media. Before I proceed let me tell you the number of accounts the company runs on social media. The company has 4 official social media accounts and 1 professional account. I have arranged wonderful details about the company account creation date, their initial posts and the type of content they share with their potential audience.


Boat India created its Instagram account in September 2016 which became a verified account on January 2019. The company has a large following base.

The company’s first post was uploaded on December 15, 2022. The post has received 40.6K likes and 336 comments.

The most recent post uploaded by this company is a reel captioned “April Fool Ad By Boat Nirvana,”. The post has received 1997 likes and 73 comments.


The company started their Facebook journey by creating its official page on 6 April 2015. Here you will be able to engage with varied posts related to business promotions. Since the time of its creation, the company has a gigantic follower base with 1.2 million page likes.

The first post that the company uploaded was on 10 April 2015 captioned “boAt Pitcher Bluetooth Speaker“. The post received 259 likes, 2 comments and 4 shares.

The company’s latest activity was on 1st April 2024 captioned “Fanboys can’t see beyond the ‘white lies’. Don’t be a fanboy, be a boAthead.“. The post received 280 likes, 109 comments and 3 shares.


The company started its official YouTube channel on 20 Jun 2016 where it shares numerous kinds of videos to engage with its subscribers. On its channel, the company has a substantial base of followers which is still growing.

The first video uploaded by the company was 7 years ago captioned “boAt | Introduction“. The video fetched 26K views, 14 comments and 197 likes.

If you are looking for their popular video then it was uploaded 2 years ago and captioned “boAt X Netflix | Presenting The Stream Edition, Made For India To Keep Watching“. This video was watched by over 10 Million viewers with 98 comments and 650 likes.

The most recent video uploaded by the company was on 3rd April 2024 captioned “boAt | Airdopes Supreme “. The post has since its upload has received 340 views, 22 likes and 18 comments.


Boat India’s No.1 audio brand created its Twitter account in February 2018. The company has a substantial base of followers who interact with the new posts that the company keeps publishing. The company has till now posted 17.8K posts on its account which also includes crossposting from its other official social accounts.


The company also has a professional account on LinkedIn where you can check the job openings within the company. Apart from this, you will also be able to see the work which they share through posts, you will also see the company’s achievements and awards.

Social MediaLinks
InstagramView Profile
FacebookView Profile
YouTubeView YouTube Channel
TwitterView Profile
LinkedIn View Profile

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1. Who owns boAt company?

Ans. The owner of the boAt company is Mr Aman Gupta and Sameer Ashok Metha who are also its founders.

2. How big is boAt company?

Ans. Boat is a large company with the number of employees being 500-1000. The company is India’s No.1 audio brand and the 2nd largest wearable brand in the world.

3. What is the annual profit of boAt company?

Ans. The company’s annual revenue came down by 18% as compared to the 133% average revenue it attained in the previous 3 financial years.

4. What is the total revenue of boAt company?

Ans. The total revenue that the company in the last financial year was Rs 33.7 Billion ( $ 403 Million).

5. Is boAt fully Indian?

Ans. Yes, boAt is a fully Indian company which specializes in manufacturing a vast number of audio devices.

Final Word of Boat Company Net Worth

Thanks for taking your valuable time to read this post till the end.

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