Shweta Agarwal Net Worth June 2024: From Mumbai Girl to Millionaire Actress

Are you also a big fan of Shweta Agarwal and are you curious to know what is Shweta Agarwal net worth at present? Then be assured that I will satisfy all your curiosities through this article. Keeping your curiosity in mind, after rigorous research and investigation, I have brought this article for you with answers to all your questions. Let me tell you that Shweta Agarwal net worth is currently Rs 20 crores, which is equal to 2.5 million dollars.

Do you know which was the most memorable moment of Shweta Aggarwal’s life? If you do not know then be sure because I have brought the answer to your question. Let me tell you that her memorable moment came with her acting career. She gained a lot of fame with the TV show Shagun in 2001 which connected her with a lot of fans and opened doors to the film industry.

I have spent my precious time on this article, especially keeping in mind your curiosity and the quality of the article, I have researched Shweta Agarwal Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Family, Career & More interesting topics and arranged this article for you. I am sure that after reading this completely, all your curiosities will be satisfied. So without any delay let us know about them in depth.

Quick Wiki and Full Bio

Name Personal Information
Real nameShweta Agarwal
Net Worth of Shweta Agarwal in RupeesRs 20 Crore ($ 2.5 million)
Age37 years
Year of Birth1986
Birth PlaceMumbai, Maharashtra
HeightIn Centimeters –162 cm
In Feet and Inches – (5 feet 4 inches)
In Meters- 1.62 m
WeightIn KGS – 55 KG
In pounds- 121 pounds
Zodiac SignAquarius
ProfessionIndian Actress
SchoolChandannagar’s St Joseph’s Convent School
CollegeUniversity of Mumbai
Family and relationship 
MotherNilu Agarwal
FatherAshok Agarwal
Last UpdatedNovember 2023

Shweta Agarwal Net Worth

Who is Shweta Agarwal?

First of all, let us know who is Shweta Agarwal? Only after getting the answer to this question will we get our further answers. Shweta Aggarwal is a famous model and actress. She was born on 23 January 1986 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She started acting in the year 2002 and has worked in many big films, we will get more information about this in the upcoming section.

What is Shweta Agarwal net worth?

I know that most of you are impatient to know what is Shweta Agarwal net worth and how much she is currently earning. I have done a lot of research on this topic keeping your valuable interest in mind and the result has come out that in the year 2023, she is earning Rs 20 crore i.e. 2.5 million dollars. Also, I did additional research and found out that she earns Rs 5 lakh per month.

Shweta Agarwal Income Source

You have known her net worth but do you know what are the various sources which have helped in bringing her net worth to these heights? So, taking the article further, we will talk about her income sources.

  • Movies: As we all know she is a great actress and her main source of income comes from working in films. She has worked in films in various local languages such as Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi.
  • Brand Endorsement: Being a well-known actress with a wide fan base which comes from different walks of life, she has been the preferred face of many brands and has endorsed many big brands. For your information, let me tell you that she charges a huge amount from brands per endorsement.
  • TV Shows: Shweta Aggarwal has taken her network to this position today by working on many TV shows. She has worked in many TV shows like Babul Ki Duwayen Leti Jaa, Shagun etc.

What is the biography of Shweta Agarwal?

Bollywood’s popular actress Shweta Agarwal was born on 23 January 1986 in India’s financial capital Mumbai, Maharashtra. Being brought up in a big city like Mumbai, where new fashion trends keep coming up now and then, Shweta Aggarwal’s interest has been in the fashion and glamour industry since childhood.

If we talk about her education, her mother had specially enrolled her in the English school which is famous by the name of St. Convent located in Chandan Nagar so that she would not face any problem in getting any job in future.

Aren’t you getting this question in your mind from where she did her college? Tell me, I knew you had this question in your mind and that’s why I came prepared with the answer. She completed her college graduation from the University of Maharashtra.

Shweta likes to eat junk food, especially pizza, chocolate and sweets which include Kaju Katli. Her favourite actors are Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan, whose films she often watches. Apart from this, her favourite actress is Madhuri Dixit and his favourite singer is Neha Kakkar.

Shweta is fond of visiting new places and getting to know them in detail. Her favourite places are Goa, Dubai, and Kashmir. Apart from this, I want to tell you that her favourite colour is pink.

This Indian actress started her acting career at the age of 15 during her college days. In the next section, you will be able to learn more interesting facts related to his career in depth.

Biography / WikiDetails
NameShweta Agarwal
Current cityMumbai, Maharashtra
Date of Birth23 January 1986
Birth Place Mumbai, Maharashtra
Debut FilmAllari

What is Shweta Agarwal Career

Do you all know how Shweta Aggarwal achieved so much popularity? If you don’t know then be assured because in this section after a lot of rigorous research and investigation, I have brought this answer for all her fans as well as the general public.

Shweta Aggarwal started her acting career by working in a TV serial named Shagun in the year 2001. This was a very popular TV show and it also received very good ratings. So far 686 episodes of this TV show have been shot and it ran between 2001 and 2004.

It was through this TV show that Shweta Aggarwal got the opportunity to enter the film industry and she started her film career with a Telugu film Allari in 2002 where she played the role of Appu. This film has received three stars and was an average hit in South India.

In the year 2003, Shweta Aggarwal made her debut in the Malayalam film C.I.D. Moosa. This film was based on a comedy thriller and got very good reviews from people. If I talk about its rating, it has an 8.0 rating.

In the month of 2003, he worked in another local language film named Raghavendra. This film was made in the Telugu language. People gave mixed reviews to this film. This film has received a rating of 4.8.

Her third film of the same year which performed well was Kiccha because it was a Kannada film and this film got a rating of 6.6 by the audience.

Her other two films in the year 2003 were Naya Barood and Idhi Maa Ashokgaadi Love Story. We have not received any reviews for these two.

Leaving behind the year 2003, now we move ahead. In the year 2004, along with her TV career, she also contributed to two Hindi songs which are Yeh Hain Reshmi Zulfon and Sun Sahiba Sun.

In the year 2006, she played her role in a video music Mehendi Lagaoongi Main. This song has been viewed 10 million times on YouTube and if you also want to watch and listen to it, then go to YouTube and search for this song.

In the year 2008, she graced the screen with Sunil Shetty in the Hindi film Miras. This film was based on an action thriller and mystery. This film has received a rating of 5.6.

That year she worked on another film named Tandoori Love. It was a comedy, romance and drama film, which has received a rating of 5.3 from the audience.

In the year 2010, Shweta Aggarwal worked in the Bollywood film Shaapit: The Cursed. This film is based on adventure horror and romance. This film has received a rating of 5.5. If you also want to watch this film again, then it is available on many OTT platforms where you can watch it online or for free.

Why Shweta Agarwal has not been active?

Now you must be wondering why Shweta Agarwal has not been active since 2010. So for your information, let me tell you that she is taking time off her work and spending it with her family.

As I told earlier in the previous sections she got married in 2020. In 2022 her new chapter of life started when she became a mother of a daughter.

So from this, we can say that she wants to devote her time to my daughter and family. She has many roles waiting for her in the future.

Who is Shweta Agarwal Family

Only a true fan of Shweta Aggarwal like you will be interested to know about her in depth. So if you are one of those fans then you are interested to know about his family background so I have included this part after spending enough time in research so that I can keep all the myths away and provide you with true facts.

The Indian actress Shweta Agarwal family consists of her parents, her brother, her husband and her little newborn daughter.

First of all, we will know about her parents who raised her. Her father Ashok Agarwal is a businessman while her mother Nilu Agarwal is a housewife.

Shweta is married to Aditya Narayan who is the son of legendary singer Udit Narayan. Both of them met on the sets of Shaapit film where their love story began. Both dated each other for 10 years before finally marrying on 1 December 2020 at ISKCON temple.

From their marriage, they conceived a beautiful daughter in February 2022 whom they have named Tvisha Narayan Jha.

Shweta has an elder brother whose information has not been made public on any source. If I get any information I will update this section. So keep visiting to get updates about her brother in future.

Father’s NameAshok Agarwal
Mother’s NameNilu Agarwal
Husband’s NameAditya Narayan
Daughter’s NameTvisha Narayan
Shweta Agarwal net worth in Indian rupeesRs 20 Crores ($ 2.5 million)

What is Shweta Agarwal Height, Weight and Age?

I have seen many fans searching about Shweta Agarwal physical attributes and most of them are either related to her age or height and weight. So I gave enough time to research and came up with the following answer which will satisfy your curiosity about her physical attributes.

Shweta Agarwal Height in feet is 5 feet 4 inches which comes to 162 centimeters in metrics.

Do you know Shweta is a fitness freak and likes to keep herself fit? Her weight is 55 kg which is equivalent to 121 pounds.

Shweta Agarwal age is 37 which she completed on 23 January 2023.

Physical AttributesDetails
Height5 feet 4 inches (162 cm)
Weight55 Kg (121 pounds)
Age37 Years

What Are Shweta Agarwal Social Media

I know that you all are curious about Shweta Aggarwal’s social media and want to follow her. This curiosity of all of you inspired me to research her social media. Now I will happily share the results of my research with you all. After reading these results you will be well aware of all her social media.

For your information, let me tell you that Shweta Aggarwal is active on two major social media which are Instagram and Facebook. Apart from these accounts, there are accounts on Twitter and Linkedin which are not hers but of someone else. I want you to follow her official accounts only so that you get the right information.


Shweta Aggarwal joined Instagram in April 2014. Since then, many of her admirers have been associated with her account. Let me tell you that at present she has 175K followers on social media. Till now she has shared 42 posts on her Instagram.

Her oldest post is of her wedding in which I can be seen with Aditya Narayan. She uploaded this post on February 18 2021 and since then she has received 97K likes and 32 comments on this post.

Talking about her recent post, she uploaded it on August 15, 2023, in which she can be seen with her daughter. This post has so far received 8736 likes and 109 comments.


Friends, we will talk about her other social media i.e. Facebook. Shweta Aggarwal joined Facebook on 3 November 2009. She completed 14 years at Facebook in November 2023. She has 5.9K followers on Facebook.

Her first post was uploaded on November 3, 2009, and has received 49 likes as well as 30 comments so far.
Talking about her recent post, she uploaded it on March 21, 2020. It has received three likes and one comment so far.
Apart from this, she has also uploaded a video and a reel on her Facebook which you can watch by visiting her Facebook account.

So this was the description of her complete social media. I hope you are satisfied with the information and if you want to know more information about her social media then I have also provided the link in the table below.

Social MediaLinksFollowers
InstagramView Profile175K
FacebookView Profile5.9K
WikipediaView Shweta WikiN/A


1. How did Aditya and Shweta meet?

Ans. Are you wondering how did Aditya and Shweta meet? Both of them met on the sets of the film Shaapit: The Cursed where their love story began.

2. How old is Shweta Agarwal?

Ans. Shweta Agarwal turned 37 on 23 January 2023. She was born on 23 January 1986 in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

3. Who is the elder among Shweta and Aditya?

Ans. Shweta is older than Aditya by 1 year 6 months and 14 days. Aditya was born on 6 August 1987.

4. What is the weight of Shweta Agarwal?

Ans. Shweta Agarwal is very particular when it comes to maintaining her weight. Her weight in Kilograms is 55 kg which in metric comes to 121 pounds.

5. Which is the last film done by Shweta Agarwal?

Ans. The last film done by Shweta Agarwal was Shaapit: The Cursed in 2010.

6. In which year Shweta began her acting career?

Ans. Shweta began her acting career in 2002 with a TV show named Shagun which was very popular in those days.

7. Who is Shweta Agarwal father?

Ans. Shweta Agarwal father’s name is Ashok Agarwal. He is a businessman by profession.

8. What is Shweta Agarwal Instagram?

Ans. Shweta Agarwal joined Instagram in April 2014. In her 9-year active period, she has reached widespread followers worldwide.

Final Word of Shweta Agarwal Net Worth

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