Amit Bhadana Net Worth June 2024: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Family, Career & More

Today’s article is based on Amit Bhadana net worth, where I will tell you in-depth some very interesting facts related to him. Amit Bhadana was born on 7 September 1994 in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, India.

He went through the golden phase of his career in the year 2018 when one of his videos came in the top 10 in the YouTube world list, which increased his followers even more than ever making him a household name.

In this article, you will be able to know Amit Bhadana Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Family, Career and more. So stay with me till the end to know more about this inspiring young man.

Quick Wiki and Full Bio

Name Personal Information
Real nameAmit Bhadana
Net Worth of Amit BhadanaRs 62 crore ($7 million)
Age29 years
Year Of Birth1994
Birth PlaceBulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh
HeightIn Centimeters – 173 cm
In Feet and Inches – (5 feet 8 inches)
In Meters- 1.73 m
WeightIn KGS – 65 KG
In pounds- 143pounds
Zodiac SignVirgo
ProfessionYouTube, Paid Collaboration
SchoolLovely Buds Public School, Johripur, Delhi
CollegeDelhi University, Delhi, India
MotherMunish devi
FatherNarendra Bhadana
Other Information
Email[email protected]
Last UpdatedOctober 2023

Amit Bhadana Net Worth

Who is Amit Bhadana?

If you don’t know who Amit Bhadana is then rest assured because in this section I will give you a brief introduction of him which will help you know him.

Amit Bhadana is a famous YouTuber of the young generation who has made a place in everyone’s hearts through his amazing YouTube videos. His work is famous all over the world today. He entertains people on YouTube with his comic acting.

Amit Bhadana Net Worth

In this part, we will learn about Amit Bhadana net worth and understand what is his total net worth, what is his monthly earnings and how much he earns annually etc.

Due to his amazing mimicry ability, the net worth of Amit Bhadana 2023 is touching the figure of Rs 62 crore at the age of 29, which if we measure in dollars then this number will come to $7 million.

Now let us talk about how much Amit earns in a month, his monthly earning is Rs 35 lakh.

Now you must be wondering if he earns this much in a month then what will be his annual income?

I have also brought the answer to this question for you including his fans. His annual income is Rs 4.5 crore which he earns from various sources, the details of which I have brought in the next section.

Amit Bhadana Income Source

In the previous part, we learned about Amit Bhadana net worth and now we will know about his income sources from which he is earning money.

  • YouTube: Their main source of income comes from videos on YouTube which receive a huge number of views. You will be surprised to know how much Amit Bhadana earn from YouTube. Every month he earns Rs 1 lakh per 40 lakh views. His total earning from YouTube is more than Rs 1.6 crore annually.
  • Instagram: Apart from YouTube, Amit Bhadana also has a good amount of followers on Instagram. He earns money from here also. He charges Rs 15 lakh for a sponsored post.
  • Merchandise/Sponsorship: He also earns income through merchandise/sponsorship on his YouTube channel. If you do not know what is merchandise, then I would like to tell you that getting any brand to show on its channel is called merchandise. A lot of money can be earned through this but the channel should be famous. Amit earns Rs 50,000 a month from merchandising and sponsorship.
  • Business: After being successful in his work, he has also started a business where he sells his brand of clothes and travel accessories.
  • Brand Endorsement: Amit Bhadana has endorsed many brands. He was chosen as the brand ambassador of fantasy gaming company eSports in the year 2020. He charges a hefty fee of Rs 10 lakh per endorsement.

Amit Bhadana Net Worth Growth In 5 Years

In this section, you can check out the table which contains the data on Amit Bhadana Net Worth Growth In 5 Years which shows how steadily his net worth is growing. He has become an inspiration for many who aspire to be a YouTuber. At such a young age he has achieved success and has still a lot more to achieve.

YearAmit Bhadana Net Worth in rupees 2023
2023Rs 62 crore ($7 Million)
2022Rs 45 crore ($5.5 Million)
2021Rs 33 crore ($4 Million)
2020Rs 24 crore ($3 Million)
2019Rs 12 crore ($1.5 Million)

Amit Bhadana Biography

In this part, we will discuss in detail the information related to Amit Bhadana biography and will also know where his education was and how he started doing mimicry etc.

The birthplace of Amit Bhadani is Bulandshahr which comes in the state of Uttar Pradesh. He was born on 7 September 1994 to his parents. When he was still a child, he came to Joharipur in Delhi.

He lost his father when he was young and was brought up by his mother and his uncle. His childhood was full of many collections and his family also had to face financial crunch.

Despite facing financial problems, he completed his schooling. Amit Bhadana school name is Lovely Buds Public School situated in Johripur, Delhi.

After that, by working hard, he secured his place at Delhi University and completed his law studies.

Now you must be wondering as a graduate of law why he didn’t pursue his career in law and why he made a decision to become a full-time YouTuber. There is a hidden reason behind this also.

Amit was fond of making others laugh since childhood. He had no interest in becoming a YouTuber, he used to make mimicry videos for himself part-time and post them on social media.

Gradually, people started liking his videos and he took it seriously and became a full-time YouTuber so that he could concentrate completely on it and bring new humorous videos. Those videos were greatly appreciated by the people and through them he gained a lot of fame.

Biography / WikiDetails
NameAmit Bhadana
Current cityNew Delhi, India
Date of Birth7 September 1994
Birth Place Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh

Amit Bhadana Family

In this section, we will learn about Amit Bhadana Family who is behind the success and fame that he has today. So let’s find out something about his family too in the below paragraph.

Amit Bhadana Father

Amit Bhadana father Narendra Bhadana was a farmer and he left for heaven when Amit was just five years old. When he was alive he took care of his family by providing them with every basic needs. In spite of struggles, he motivated Amit to pursue his dreams.

Amit Bhadana Mother

This YouTuber has a very strong mother who took responsibility on her shoulders to raise two children after her husband passed away. Amit Bhadana Mother Munish Devi is a homemaker. She raised her children with love and affection even in the most challenging conditions. She became an example of hard work for her children to achieve the best in their lives. Amit shares a strong bond with her mother and gives all the credit for what he is today.

Amit Bhadana Brother

Amit Bhadana Brother Sumit Bhadana is a YouTuber like his brother who followed him after seeing his ever-growing success. Both brothers share a strong bond with each other and often exchange information regarding YouTube with each other.

MotherMunish Devi
FatherNarendra Bhadana
BrotherSumit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana Career

In this section, you can get information related to Amit Bhadana Career and learn how he started a YouTube channel and later earned his name through his videos.

Amit is a mimicry artist who makes mimicry videos on conversations with his friends, family and relatives and entertains everyone.

Amit Bhadani’s career started in 2012 with short and humorous videos on YouTube, which received a lot of support from the young generation.

He did not limit himself to this and kept bringing many types of engaging content. He surprised everyone with his new content when he uploaded different types of music videos on his channel.

He released his song titled Father Saab in the year 2021 which was dedicated to his late father.

After achieving success in his YouTube career, Amit focused his attention on other areas and opened his own brand of clothing store where clothing and travel accessories are available to customers.

Apart from this, he also directs various events and provides a platform for many new brands through merchandise.

He has also worked closely with many other big YouTubers like Elvish Yadav and Ashish Chanchalani.

Amit Bhadani is also a social worker who believes in improving society and for this he is working with many charitable organizations.

Amit Bhadana Height, Weight and Age

As a famous Youtuber all his fans across the globe would be curious to know his physical attire, so in this section I have come up with Amit Bhadana Height, Weight and Age which are highly asked attributes.

Amit Bhadana Height in feet is 5 feet 8 inches which if measured in centimetres would come to a value of 173cm and if we measure it in meters it would be 1.73m.

Now if we speak how much does this Youtuber weighs, Amit Bhadana Weight he weighs 65 Kilograms which in pounds would measure 143 pounds.

Amit Bhadana age is only 29 which he completed in September 2023. This is just a start to his promising career which has a long long road to cover.

Physical AttributesDetails
Height5 feet 8 inches (173 cm)
Weight65 Kg (143 pounds)
Age29 Years

Amit Bhadana Social Media

In this section, we learn in detail about Amit Bhadana Social Media and how he started with his social media journey which made him a famous YouTuber as well as an enthusiastic social media member who is active on different social accounts. He is active on popular social platforms namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


Amit joined Facebook on 16 August 2016 where he has built up a solid base of followers who are 9 Million in count. Since the date of the creation of his Facebook page, he has shared numerous engaging posts in the form of videos, photos and reels which are really liked by all his fans.

He uploaded his first post on 16 August 2016 where he wished every Indian a Happy Independence Day. The post attracted 18k likes, 893 comments and 848 shares.

His most recent post was uploaded on 7th September 2023 on the day of his birthday where he could be seen holding cake in his hand. The post received 40K likes, 2.4K hearts, 2.2K comments and 25 shares.


This popular proud Indian Youtuber made an account on Twitter in September 2017 where he has made a huge base of loyal fans who are 794.1K in count who eagerly wait for his next new content. On his Twitter account, he has 2691 posts. Here along with other posts in video and photo format he also shares links to some of his most trending videos on his YouTube channel.


Amit Bhadana Instagram account was created in June 2013 under the name “theamitbhadana“. Since the date of creation, he has gained an enormous number of followers who patiently wait for his new and entertaining posts.

His first post was uploaded on September 15 2017. The post since its upload date has got 383K likes and 809 comments.

His recent post was uploaded on 22 September 2023. Since the time of upload the post has fetched 334K likes and 3113 comments.


Amit created his YouTube channel on 24 October 2012 where he has a mind-boggling number of followers who are 24.3 Million in count. They enjoy watching new videos that Amit keeps bringing for them.

His oldest video “Exams Be Like. Boards preperation be like” was uploaded 6 years ago in 2017 and since then has been viewed 5.6 Million times and got 4791 comments.

His most popular video “Parichay – Amit Bhadana ( Official Music Video ) | Ikka | Byg Byrd |” was uploaded four years ago in 2019. The video got 95 Million views and 340,744 comments.

His most recent video “Bhadana Ji Going Sasural – Amit Bhadana” was uploaded 4 months ago in June 2023. The video has got 10 Million views and 15,700 comments to date which are expected to increase in the near future.

Social MediaLinksFollowers
FacebookView Profile9 Million
TwitterView Profile794.1K
InstagramView Profile8.8 Million
YoutubeView Profile24.3 Million
WikiView Amit Bhadana WikiN/A


1. How much does Amit Bhadana earn from YouTube?

Ans. Every month he earns Rs 1 lakh per 40 lakh views on his YouTube channel. He has a massive follower base of 24.3 Million which gives him a lot of views on his videos.

2. Where is Amit Bhadana from?

Ans. Amit Bhadani hails from Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. He was born in Bulandshahr on 7 September 1994.

3. How much money does Amit Bhadana have?

Ans. Amit Bhadani has a huge net worth himself which is Rs 62 crore at the age of 29 years. He has built this with his talent of mimicry and comical videos that have become a craze among the youth.

4. What is the monthly income of Amit Bhadana?

Ans. The monthly income of Amit Bhadana is Rs 35 Lakhs which he generates most part of from his social media. The rest amount comes from brand endorsements, sponsors and merchandise.

5. Why is Amit Bhadana so popular?

Ans. Amit Bhadana so popular for his hilarious videos that he comes up with in the Haryanavi language. His videos have become very popular among Indians, especially the youth as they are funny and quite entertaining.

6. Who is Amit Bhadana wife?

Ans. Currently, Amit is unmarried thus he has no wife. He is fully focused on taking his career with his humorous acting talent to soaring heights in the coming years. He hasn’t disclosed any information related to his marriage anytime soon.

7. Where Amit Bhadana lives?

Ans. Amit Bhadana lives in the National capital of India New Delhi and has been residing there since 2017.

8. Is Amit Bhadana father alive?

Ans. No, Amit Bhadana father isn’t alive. He left for the heavens when Amit was just a 5-year-old kid. Since then his care and upbringing were in his mother’s and uncle’s hands.

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