Amul Net Worth April 2024: Revolutionizing Indian Dairy

Today I have come up with an article which in itself is full of wonderful details of a milestone in the food sector of our economy. The article will take you back in time where you will see the foundation of a popular company that is on everyone’s lips. Yes, I am referring to AMUL the brand which has made a prominent place in every household and is a leading brand not only in India but also globally which can be seen in the form of Amul Net worth and its gigantic turnover.

Amul’s first breakthrough moment came in 1955 when the Kaira Union of Farmers transferred the Brand Amul to GCMMF which is the largest food producer marketing organisation. GCMMF went to set a record in 2007 as the highest milk procurement network where the quantity reached 10 million kilograms per day on 27th December 2007.

Through this article, we will venture into the depths of the company knowing Amul Net Worth, who founded it, the reason behind its foundation, the path to success and many more interesting facts.

Quick Wiki & Full Bio

Popular NameAmul The Taste Of India
TurnoverRs 72000 crores ( $9 Billion)
Income SourceMilk Procurement and Sales,
Cooperative Model
Export of Dairy Products
Retail Operations
Government Schemes
Date of Foundation19 December 1946
Founder NameTribhuvandas Patel, Morarji Desai and Verghese Kurien
Country Founded InIndia
Managing DirectorJayen Mehta
HeadquartersAnand, Gujarat, India
Area ServedWorldwide
ProductsMilk and its products
Number of Milk Producers3.6 Million
Number Of Officers1000
Last UpdatedApril 2024

Amul Net Worth

What is Amul Company?

Amul builds the picture of faith in everyone’s mind. The very name makes people’s trust soar high and even a child in every Indian home knows the brand. Yet for those audience who don’t know what is Amul Company, I am here with a fantastic introduction to help you get closer to the company’s roots.

Amul, whose full name is Anand Milk Union Limited, is India’s most popular and largest dairy-producing company. It has today earned the name with its purity in the products winning the trust of every Indian.

This company is Gujarat’s Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Limited which is under the Government of Gujarat. Its owner is not just one but 3.6 million milk producers.

What is Amul Net Worth

Your mind must be full of admiration after getting a small but heart-filling introduction to the company. Your mind must be questioning you if the company operates on such a large scale what is Amul Net Worth?  Get ready to set on a thrilling journey to discover the riches awaiting your arrival to open the chest of treasure.

Being a cooperative society the AMUL distributes the wealth and profit to its members and thus doesn’t have an individual net of its own. Amul Company Turnover goes to staggering figures of Rs 72000 crores which in dollars equals a huge figure of 9 Billion. 

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What are Amul Income Source

You must have been flabbergasted after knowing the turnover of India’s largest dairy cooperative milk society then wait as you are about to encounter another high wave of energy by learning about what are Amul Income Source.

  • Milk Procurement and Sales:  Amul is primarily active in the dairy sector where activities like procuring milk from farmers and selling several dairy products which include milk, ghee, butter, yoghurt and ice cream are involved.

    Cooperative Model: As a cooperative business model, the milk producers are also the owners of the organisation and the profits and income are distributed evenly depending on the quantity and quality of milk supplied.
  • Export of Dairy Products:  Being the largest producer of Indian dairy Amul generates income by exporting the products globally to several countries that have shown trust in the brand’s fair practices and delivering genuine products.

  • Retail Operations: Amul has large web retail outlets and distribution channels spread across the country’s length and breadth, adding sales income directly to its treasure.

  • Government Initiatives and Schemes: Amul often adopts several schemes launched by the Indian government which is related to the dairy industry which further generates additional income.

Who Laid The Foundation Of Amul And Why

Are you wondering who laid the foundation of Amul and why? What was the cause that triggered the spark which led to the fantastic idea of bringing it to reality today it has won the trust of millions.

I am happy to share with you all the most inspiring story of how this magnificent company came into being. So let us know the main reasons why this largest dairy company in India was born.

Amul company was born due to the coordination of farmers of Gujarat who were very angry with the unfair practices being done towards milk. Together they went to the great patriot of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, to uproot this problem. 

Sardar Vallabhbhai told him the best way to completely remove the middlemen working for Polson Dairy from their business was to open their own cooperative union, where they would take care of the production of milk to the promotion and selling in their own hands and there would be no unfair practices.

In 1946, farmers went on a milk strike and stopped fearing the middlemen who dominated the market and used to sell milk at a fixed price, due to which farmers were not making profits. 

Inspired by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, great heroes of his time like Morarji Desai, Verghese Kurien and Tribhuvandas Patel laid the foundation of their cooperative society named Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers Union Ltd. was founded.

In the beginning, it started with 247 litres of milk collection and procurement from just two villages and this company later became famous by the name of Amul, which is known by every person in every household today.

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How Amul Company Became So Popular?

You must be in deep thought about How Amul Company Became So Popular. Your question which is filled with so much curiosity motivated me to reach the roots of the question and find out the reason for the company’s popularity making it the pride and taste of India.

Amul which came into existence in 1955 was handed over to Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd (GCMMF). After this, Amul spread its base outside Gujarat and reached farmers across the nation.

Amul went on to launch several ads to promote their products. The ad not only became popular amongst the audience but also gave Amul its recognition. The famous ad was of a girl with bread and Amul butter spread over it. This ad was first released in 1966.

The company opened numerous collection centres, and processing plants across the country. It was a ray of hope in the lives of millions of farmers as they became direct owners of the cooperative society sharing the revenue.

The company’s success was also attributed to the diverse range of products it makes from milk, like ice cream, butter and several other products reaching to widespread base of customers. The Tagline Amul: “The Taste Of India” left an everlasting image of the brand in people’s minds making it a common name in every household.

In the presence of honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Amul diversified its portfolio by opening another branch of a chocolate plant in Mogar which lies short of its headquarters.

Recently in March 2024, Amul expanded its sales by partnering with the Michigan Milk Producers Association to sell Amul fresh Milk outside India, where the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd launched 4 variants of milk in the United States. The company will focus on the areas of Midwest markets and the East Coast of the US.

Another development took place within Amul in April 2024 when it started the operation of its two high-tech SIG Slimline 12 and SIG XSlim 24 filling machines which started operating at a manufacturing plant located in Khatraj, Gujarat.

The SIG Slimline 12 machine has an amazing capacity to pack 12000 aseptic cartons packs in an hour with different volumes ranging between 500ml to 1100ml.

SIG XSlim 24 is used to pack 12000 aseptic carton packs in an hour with packing sizes ranging between 80ml to 200ml.

With this, the company has boosted its filling lines taking the tally to 5 which were earlier 3 in number. These aseptic filling lines will greatly boost the ability to fill as per the requirements at great efficiency.

What Is The Crucial Role Played By Amul In the White Revolution?

Do you know What Is The Crucial Role Played By Amul In the White Revolution? Its involvement in the revolution made India a milk-surplus country from deficient. The operation was named Operation Flood or The White Revolution and ran from 1970-1996. Let’s know how it became possible.

The then-chairman of Amul Dr Verghese Kurien took responsibility for National Dairy Development Board by being appointed as its chairman by late Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri. While in NDDB he started Operation Flood on 13 January 1970. It was Doctor Kurien who introduced the scheme of making milk powder out of buffalo milk into this program which helped Amul to beat its rival Nestle which was using cow-based milk to make milk powder. This way Operation Flood became a huge success and led to the White Revolution.

What are the products produced by Amul?

Are you filled with high levels of energy to know What are the products produced by Amul? Starting with a simple milk procurement today Amul has a diverse portfolio. I have arranged the list of the wide range of products that the company produces.

Popular Products of Amul
Amul Butter
Amul Milk
Bread Spreads
Beverage Range
Ice Cream
Amul mithaimate
Amul Choco Buttery Spread
Amul fresh cream
Organic Products
Amul Protein Products
Milk Powder
Frozen Snacks
Amul Pro
Bakery Products

What Are Amul Social Media

Do you want to know What Are Amul Social Media and want to be among those followers who are enjoying the posts that the company shares with them? Keeping this interesting curiosity of yours in mind I have arranged its social media where you can know the details of each one of them. As the largest and most popular dairy producer in India, the company is formally active on 4 social giants namely Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


The company became active on Instagram in October 2014. It has come a long way in these nine years and has huge followers who are always keen to know what products Amul would be coming up with.

The first post was uploaded on 30 October 2014 captioned “Seventh Wonder in danger due to unruly tourists !“. The post gained 28 likes and 1 comment.

The recent post was published by the company on 26th January 2024 captioned “From churn to change, we’ve tasted it all. Witness Amul’s nostalgic Republic Day saga and join us on a nostalgic journey of iconic ads, taste, and the triumphs of India!“. The post received 10.6K likes and 40 comments.


The company created its official page on Facebook on 25 May 2009. The company in its 14 years of active account has created a widespread base of followers.

Amul’s first post was uploaded on 12th April 2012, which is a glance back into time when the company came into existence. The post is a snapshot of January 4, 1946, where Shri Morarji Desai is seen addressing committee members. This post received 75 likes, 9 comments and 23 shares.

Recently the company has started the world’s largest live recipe show and the latest live session ran on 15 February 2024. The post has received 33 likes, 36 comments and 2 shares.


The company created its YouTube channel on 6 Sept 2007 under the handle named “AmulTheTasteofIndia“. In its 16 years of journey on YouTube, the company has made a solid base of subscribers who love engaging with the creativity the company adds to their videos.

The first video the Amul company uploaded on its official YouTube channel was 10 years ago captioned “Amul Butter“. The video got 10K views and 112 likes.

The video which fetched the most number of views was uploaded 9 years back and captioned “Pehla Pyaar Amul Pyaar“. The video got 42 Million views, 203K likes and 2586 comments.

The most recent video that was uploaded by Amul was on 23rd February 2024 captioned “Golden Jubilee Celebration of Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation“. After the video was uploaded it received 33K views and 22 likes.


The third social account which the company manages is Twitter where it has a decent base of followers. The account was created in December 2011 and to date company has shared numerous interesting posts with its followers by sharing its products in the form of video and static posts. To date, the company has 10.8K posts on its account.

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WebsiteVisit Official Website

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1. What is Anand Milk Union Limited Net Worth?

Ans. As a cooperative milk union Anand Milk Union Limited Net Worth doesn’t contribute to a person but to its members.

2. How is GCMMF related to Amul?

Ans. GCMMF stands for Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd which is the apex body of dairy cooperatives in Gujarat. By coming under GCMMF Amul is directly related.

3. When was Amul founded?

Ans. The foundation of Amul company was laid in 1955.

4. What is Amul Net Worth?

Ans. Since Amul is owned by the members of the cooperative milk union Amul Net Worth doesn’t contribute to a single individual but to all those members who run this union.

5. How Amul got its name?

Ans. Amul got its name after being inspired by the Indian culture. The name Amul comes from the word in Sanskrit: Amulya meaning priceless.

6. What is Amul Instagram?

Ans. The company became active on Instagram in October 2014. It has come a long way in these nine years and has huge followers who are always keen to know what new products Amul would be coming up with. View Profile

7. What is the YouTube Channel of Amul?

Ans. The company created its YouTube channel on 6 Sept 2007 under the handle named “AmulTheTasteofIndia“. The company has made a solid base of subscribers who love engaging with the creativity the company adds to their videos. View YouTube Channel

8. When did Amul start its fresh milk distribution outside India?

Ans. Amul started its fresh milk distribution outside India recently in March 2024 by selling its four variants to the United States.

9. With whom did Amul collaborate to sell Amul Fresh Milk in the US for the first time?

Ans. Amul Collaborated with the Michigan Milk Producers Association to sell Amul Fresh Milk in the US for the first time.

10. What is the capacity of the SIG Slimline 12 aseptic machine?

Ans. The recently inducted SIG Slimline 12 aseptic machine in Amul’s plant located in Khatraj, Gujarat can pack 12000 aseptic cartons in one hour. It can be customized to pack sizes ranging between 500ml to 1100ml.

11. What is the capacity of the SIG XSlim 24 aseptic machine?

Ans. The recently inducted SIG XSlim 24 aseptic machine in the Anand Milk Union Limited plant in Khatraj, Gujarat can pack small to medium size cartons (80ml-200ml). Within an hour it can create 12,000 aseptic cartons.

Final Word of Amul Net Worth

Thanks for taking your valuable time to read this post till the end.

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